Ryann Cole '23

Computer Science Major

Ryann Cole“I am definitely excited to be back in school and feel like I’m doing something purposeful.”

Right now, that purpose is completing her degree in computer science and figuring out how she wants to apply it. Which is why [Ryann Cole] has thoroughly thought through her decision to stop overthinking. She wants to “get in the swing of things” before she has a chance to think about the new experiences at Goucher and get nervous.  

When Cole graduated high school, she was unsure what she wanted to major in, and the jump to a four-year school seemed too wide. So, she started taking classes at Howard Community College, which gave her time to work in a flower shop and enjoy the freedom from a heavy class load. 

But she’s ready for round two. Cole is coming to Goucher for the small class sizes and the home-away-from-home without being too far from her family. The study abroad program was another small step for Cole, who wants to travel but felt more comfortable with a safety net of people to help her along the way.  

Cole is also looking forward to on-campus yoga classes and hopes to join some organizations, although she’s not sure which ones. She will be living in the First-Year Village. “I wanted the experience of living on campus and living kind of on my own, but not completely in the real world just yet,” Cole says.