Where You Eat

With selections that range from Mongolian stir fry to burgers hot off the grill, students have variety and quality at their fingertips. Students will not be hungry. Even students with specific dietary needs can enjoy international cuisines, along with vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options.

  • This is the exterior of the new Mary Fisher Dining Center, which is part of Mary Fisher Hall.

  • Goucher's renovations provide fresher food options and a more enjoyable dining experience.

  • Common areas inside the new dining center help to create even more community.

  • At the Mongolian stir fry station, you choose your meat, veggie, and noodle or rice base for a fresh, made-to-order meal.

  • There are nine stations in the dining center, which feature global bowls, brick-oven pizza, kosher and allergen free foods, and much more.

  • Goucher encourages students, faculty, and staff to make the time to sit down once a day and enjoy a meal together.

  • Sunlit spaces showcase the inside of the dining hall and make it a place students not only eat but socialize.

  • Goucher does not provide trays because we encourage students to only take what they can eat. The dining center tries to reduce as much waste as possible.

  • Our food is sustainably sourced and often comes from local farmers, coffee roasters, and butchers. We want our students to know where their food started.

  • The dining center has multiple seating areas to accommodate everyone's preferences. Some people prefer to be in the middle of the action and others  would rather enjoy a quieter, more intimate experience.

  • Menu items are prepared by experienced chefs, in small batches, to ensure freshness and great taste.

  • With American-style foods and dishes from around the world, hopefully there is a little bit of home for everyone at Mary Fisher.

  • It's fun to eat with a large group of people, but sometimes lunch for two is a refreshing way to catch up with friends.

  • Grab a plate and a friend (or two) because community starts at the table.

  • Goucher serves fresh and delicious food.

  • Sit down, relax, and take the time to eat a healthy meal.

  • Coffee shop-style seating is on the ground floor of Mary Fisher and conveniently located across from delicious coffee, tea, and pastries.

  • A shared meal can play a crucial role in fostering meaningful connections.  

  • The Student Market on the ground floor of Mary Fisher Hall provides grab and go options for students short on time. 

  • For a quick snack, apples, bananas, and other healthy options are in Mary Fisher's lobby.

  • Our dining center strives to be environmentally conscious. Along the left wall are receptacles for compost, recycling, and trash, all clearly labeled to help students become responsible citizens.

  • Sitting outside on Mary Fisher's patio is a great way to say hello to friends passing by.

  • Mary Fisher Hall is at the center of campus to remind everyone to hit the pause button at least once a day and enjoy good company and good food.


The food service provider on Goucher's campus is Bon Appétit Management Company. It is an on-site custom restaurant company that provides café and catering service to corporations, colleges and universities, and specialty venues for almost 200 clients in 25 states.

Founded as a catering company in 1987, the hallmark of Bon Appétit's expertise is serving fresh food, prepared from scratch, using authentic ingredients. Menu items are prepared by experienced chefs, in small batches, to ensure freshness and great taste.

Bon Appétit shows its commitment to social responsibility by supporting local producers and sustainable food suppliers.

The company believes food service is an integral part of the college experience. Dining areas are gathering places. Breaking bread together helps create a sense of community and comfort.

In addition to providing great tasting food, Bon Appétit offers meal plans that are flexible, versatile, and able to satisfy all the dietary needs of the Goucher campus community.

Visit the Bon Appétit website for dining options, hours, and menus.

Bon Appétit