Academic Support & Resources

General support and mentoring are provided to all students through a number of one-on-one relationships with Goucher faculty and staff. 

  • Each student has an academic advisor, who helps the student identify academic goals, select appropriate courses, and make use of campus resources. 
  • Assistance with general academic skills, including study skills and time management, are provided at the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE).
  • Assistance with specific courses is often provided via student-led supplemental instruction sessions or student-to-student tutoring.
  • A student-staffed Writing Center is also available to assist students with writing assignments, and the Writing Program helps students who have not achieved college writing proficiency through the traditional coursework.
  • For help with mathematics and data analytics classes, students also have access to our new Quantitative Reasoning Center.

Although Goucher does not have a program for students with disabilities, accessibility services are available, and policies and procedures are in place for students with documented disabilities who request academic accommodations.