Building a strong network, making close friendships, and learning how to be adaptable are vital skills in today’s increasingly global culture. Here at Goucher, we put a lot of emphasis on community—and we are proud of our close-knit campus.

Our Campus Community

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Alton Allen '19

History Major

“My favorite Goucher tradition is every other Thursday we have an open mic night and its always great to see what different Goucher Students will do.”

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Cass Freedland

Director of Community-Based Learning

“Volunteerism doesn’t get to the root of issues. Our students learn to think about the structures.”

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Chris Mayhew '19

International Relations & French Major

“I chose Goucher because I loved its focus on having a global perspective.”

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Daevon ’19

Psychology Major

“It’s amazing what you can do when you think analytically and critically about everything.”

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De' Asia '20

Peace Studies Major

"Be yourself! Do not strip away who you are your first year, just add to who you are."

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Emma '20

Peace Studies Major, History Minor

"Get out and about! The public transportation is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it and there are so many cool things to do and places to go."

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Gabi Lofland '19

Biology Major

“Goucher has great science and dance programs, plus the ability to be involved without having to major in that specific discipline.”

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George Greco

Associate Professor of Chemistry

"The class is about solving problems, not regurgitating content."

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Javaunte '20

Communications and Women and Gender Studies Double Major

"Stay focused on your academics, but when you get stressed out or sick take care of yourself. Self-care is very important."

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Jill Zimmerman

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

"You really have to be a lifelong learner. I constantly have to make sure that I’m learning what’s going on and updating the curriculum so that it reflects the changes. I love that challenge."

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Kait Kozak

Women's volleyball coach

"There is nothing better than having a group of young women who view challenges as opportunities, and support one another through the process."

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Marlee Messick '19

American Studies Major

“My favorite Goucher memory is meeting my best friend my first day here. We lived across the hall from one another and got along immediately. Three years later, our friendship is still going strong.”

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Mikaela '20

Special Education Major

"Be patient. Stay Organized. Reflect often."

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Monica Neel

Director of Student Counseling Center

“Supporting personal wellness allows students to fully participate in academic life.”

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Owen Kobrel '19

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Major

“My favorite Goucher tradition is GIG—Get Into Goucher. Classes are canceled for food, a mechanical bull, bounce houses, live music, and various other activities.”

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Pets of Goucher

Meet the hardworking pets and animals of Goucher College!

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Robin Cresiski

Director of the Center for Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching

"We will always be helping the students find intersections with the things that they care about while they are getting that exposure to the breadth of the liberal arts."

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Rory Turner

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability Program

Students "allow their spirit to shine in way that has not been beaten down... It really does inspire me."

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