There are no limits to Goucher's success stories. Our graduates leave here and go on to do great things in all different arenas. They pursue graduate studies, they participate in volunteer organizations, and they jumpstart their careers right after commencement. Visit this site often; we will add more stories of our successful graduates—there's no shortage.


Bill Condon '95

Communication & Media Studies

“I found that I was using my writing skills, people skills, building rapport—all things I learned at Goucher.”

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Jamila Thompson ’01


"I wanted to be able to do everything that I wanted to do."

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John Gasparine '01


“I met my wife at Goucher. I met my best friends at Goucher and have succeeded in business due to my relationships developed at Goucher.”

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Laura Tims ’14


“I decided that I wanted to be a writer when I was pretty young. I never really had any backup plan”

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Melissa Weiss ’09

Communication & Media Studies

It’s Monday, so Melissa Leah Weiss ’09 is at home. “I work at a show that airs Sunday night,” she explains, “and it’s live to tape, so we work weekends.”

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Rebecca Bell '13

Communication and Media Studies

"Coming to Goucher and the U.S. allowed me to experience things I would never have had the opportunity to do!"

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Sean McComb ’13

Professional Development Certificate Program

"It was really helpful to get their (Goucher professors) practical advice, along with the theoretical coursework we were working on."

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