Visit Campus

Come see our beautiful college campus and learn how our students live, learn, and become who they are meant to be.

See why Goucher College is a place where passion meets innovation, and where your campus visit is just the beginning of your transformative experience. Schedule your visit today and start becoming a global changemaker.

Individual Campus Visits

Monday-Friday in-person campus visits are available, except for holidays and other days the college campus is closed to the public. We are also offering in-person campus visit opportunities on select weekend dates. These visits include an information session that highlights many of Goucher’s advantages and a student-led campus tour.

To arrange your in-person visit or to schedule a drive-through tour, please use our scheduler:

Online Scheduler

With at least a 10-day notice, we can arrange a meeting (in-person or virtual) or phone call with members of our community such as faculty and athletic coaches (for high school seniors and transfers only). Please email to schedule a visit to Goucher College.

School, CBO, & Independent Counselors: We welcome you to visit campus. Please use the Online Scheduler to see in-person and virtual options and then email to arrange your visit.

Virtual Presentations & Panels

We are excited to offer both first-year and transfer virtual information sessions. Check back for upcoming  dates and times.

Online Scheduler

See for yourself what life at Goucher is all about

¡Hablamos español!

Si tiene preguntas sobre Goucher College y quiere hablar con un consejero de admisiones en Español, por favor contacta a Marvin Barahona; o 410-337-6501.

Habrá sabados especiales en donde las sesiones y tours estarán disponibles totalmente en Español. Hague click aquí para ver las fechas.

Directions & Hotels

For directions to campus, see the contact and directions webpage.

Visit our hotel recommendations page for a list of nearby accommodations.

Graduate & Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Programs

Students who want to visit campus and are interested in graduate programs, or the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program, should contact the individual program offices.