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When you're trying to make up your mind about college, you'll want to tour the campus; sit in on a class; and meet the students, faculty, and community members who will make it feel like home. A visit to our campus will help you learn what life is all about at Goucher. We typically offer information sessions and student-led campus tours on weekdays throughout the year, as well as on selected Saturdays and Sundays during the academic year.

With at least a 10-day notice, we can also arrange a class visit and an overnight stay during most parts of the academic semester (for high school seniors and transfers only), as well as meetings with members of the community such as faculty and athletic coaches.

See for yourself what life at Goucher is all about:

To arrange your individual visit, you may use our online scheduler.

Online Scheduler

For directions to campus, see the contact and directions webpage.

Visit our hotel recommendations page for a list of nearby accommodations.

Students who want to visit campus and are interested in the graduate or certificate programs, or the Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program, should contact the individual program offices.

It all starts here!

Check out our award winning virtual tour. Be sure to view the community and world maps as well.

Virtual Tour

High School and Independent Counselors

We welcome high school and independent counselors to visit the campus. Please use the Online Scheduler to see daily options and then call 410-337-6101 to arrange your visit.