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Graduate Programs & Professional Studies

Advance your career with a master's degree from Goucher College.

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Inspired by purpose. Built for impact.

Designed to align with your life experiences, values, and passion, Goucher graduate programs give you more. More community. More opportunity. More impact.

Master’s degrees that make a difference.

Goucher’s graduate school programs will add another lens to how you view your life, career, and community. Your perspective will shift, and your opportunities will grow as you pursue your purpose and make the world a better place.

Connect your passion with your purpose.

Get ready to make connections. Goucher master's degree programs will facilitate your deep connections with fellow students, with faculty, with community, and with your industry. In addition to your expanded network, our expert faculty will help you connect your passion with a purpose.

Through Goucher’s hybrid and online learning options, you have the opportunity to earn a graduate or professional degree in a format that fits your learning style, your life, and your goals. Our unique programs centered around arts, culture, and community will prepare you to advance your professional life and become a part of the next generation of leaders in your field.

Writing, Arts & Media

Goucher’s graduate school programs welcome artists of all backgrounds. Our M.A. in Arts Administration provides students with the tools they need to ensure that audiences are engaged, grants are funded, organizations are marketed, copyright regulations are followed, and nonprofits comply with all regulations. With its proven track record of student-published works, Goucher’s M.F.A. in Nonfiction has gained a reputation as the best in its field. The M.A. in Digital Communication is committed to giving students the tools they need to blend traditional and digital communication campaigns to become effective and successful leaders.

M.A. in Arts Administration

M.A. in Digital Communication

M.F.A. in Nonfiction


Whether you’re interested in deep rural places or the hearts of cities, the broad-based educational objectives of the Goucher M.A. in Historic Preservation program will prepare you to work for the sustainable longevity of the places that you care about while our low-residency Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability offers a competitive edge for emerging cultural leaders seeking to advance equity and sustain valued traditions in communities.

M.A. in Cultural Sustainability

M.A. in Historic Preservation


With online, in-person, and hybrid programs, our master’s in education graduate programs offer several specialized degrees for aspiring and experienced teachers alike. We have partnerships with several school systems in Maryland as well as innovative professional development. Goucher is also home to the College Board’s AP Summer Institute, training teachers in AP courses from across the country and around the world.

M.A. in Teaching

Master of Education

AP Summer Institute

Social Sciences

The M.A. in Applied Policy Analysis provides students with a diverse data-analysis toolkit that can be applied to various forms of data and questions. The Environmental Sustainability & Management program degree will give students the knowledge, skills and experience needed to improve the health of natural environments and create a more sustainable future. Graduate students will be trained to analyze, strategize, and discuss real-world problems with a wider audience to effectively address pressing issues.

M.A. in Applied Policy Analysis

M.A. in Environmental Sustainability & Management

I received far more than an advanced degree from Goucher. I got an army, a cohort of colleagues, and a chorus of mentors whose voices still guide me 12 years later. I had the ongoing resources, support, and tools that I needed. I had a secret weapon: an MA in Arts Administration from Goucher.

Todd Eric Hawkins

Executive Director, Irving Arts Center

M.A. Arts Administration, 2010

Earn your master's degree in a format that fits your life

For 25 years, Goucher College has been at the forefront of online education. We believe in the power of education. Flexible online and hybrid options are available to help you balance your education with your life. You’ll be connected to a supportive community that shares your values and passions.

On Campus

Enhance your education through participation in in-person discussions and hands-on learning experiences.


Experience the convenience of online learning with Goucher College’s engaging and interactive classes facilitated by the latest technology.


Connect with the Goucher Community with our 7 to 9-day on-campus residency each July for almost all graduate school programs. You’ll have the best of both worlds with online and in-person education.


Advance your career and build new skills with Goucher College’s flexible and accessible certificate programs designed for busy professionals.