At Goucher College, learning happens everywhere. Goucher students apply their talents and leadership skills in classes, abroad, academic advising, community service projects, and more.

The Goucher Commons Curriculum

Students enter into a space of inquiry, gaining an integrative learning experience and developing proficiency to make them ready for the jobs of the future.

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“I think learning is more fun when class material is related to lived personal experience. I had great teachers do that for me.”

– Raekwon Walker ’17, Political Science and English Double Major

Undergraduate Programs

Students pursue a common set of learning experiences with great freedom to determine and follow their own interests, developing critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills.

Majors, Minors, & Programs

Study Abroad

No matter who you are or what you want to do in life, the global community of the 21st century demands that you have an international perspective.

Study Abroad

“I've been provided with many opportunities to open myself up and experience new places; I've really learned to see and accept a broader world view.”

– Hannah Kuehl ’16

The Exploration Hub

Through internships, Community-Based Learning, and more, students have a chance to connect real-world experience with the academic framework.


“Whether through athletics, clubs, or volunteering, getting involved will help develop valuable skills and allow you to meet new people.”

– Seth Hoesman ’16

Academic Support & Resources

Academic support and mentoring services are provided to all students through one-on-one relationships with faculty and staff, and through several academic centers. The academic calendar and catalogue can be found here as well.

Academic Support & Resources

“With the support of faculty and staff I was continually encouraged to reach for my ultimate goal.”

– Camille Pappy ’16, International Relations Major

Academic Centers

All majors and minors are housed in one of 12 academic centers.

Academic Centers

Graduate & Professional Programs

Goucher's graduate and professional programs provide the opportunity to advance your skills and industry knowledge as well as explore career changes and professional enrichment.

Graduate Programs

“I have used the knowledge and skills gained here throughout my life.”

– Beth Goldsmith ’72, M.Ed. ’73