Using the Goucher Logo for Fundraisers

Can my group use the Goucher logo on t shirts/cups/etc. for a fundraiser?

  • Goucher College has a contract agreement with Barnes & Noble, our campus bookstore, regarding the creation and sales of logo products (t-shirts, cups, etc.) as fundraisers. This contract agreement states:

The Bookstore shall also be Goucher College's exclusive "on-campus" and Internet seller of other items typically sold in college bookstores, such as books in addition to those described in (a) above, educational supplies, notebooks, stationery, desk and room accessories, gift items, class and alumni rings and jewelry, and clothing, including any and all such items bearing a Goucher College emblem, logo, insignia or other identifying mark.

Is there anyone we can talk with about using the Goucher logo?

  • Yes! If your club would like to sell anything relevant to those listed in the contract agreement above, please first speak with Suzanne Galinsky, bookstore manager. She will decide whether or not you will be able to sell your items independently, through the bookstore or not at all.

What is we want to use the logo on things we want to give away for free?

  • The agreement only includes items that are sold, so that would be fine.