Use of Goucher Vehicles

Goucher College Vehicle Rentals            

When reserving a Goucher vehicle for a trip please email the request to

Any faculty, staff, or student requesting to drive a Goucher-owned vehicle or to drive their personal vehicle for Goucher sponsored activities must submit a completed Motor Vehicle Registration(MVR) form (PDF) to the Safety Manager within the Office of Risk Management, ( 3 weeks prior to the event. The Office of Risk Management will communicate your approval or denial status within 3–5 days of receiving the completed MVR form.

Bus #1 rental, FMS will provide the driver. Van #2 you can request to have a driver, or you can provide your own driver. All mini vans you will have to provide your own driver.


Van Rentals

  • Account number to charge the trip
  • Location of trip
  • Date of the trip
  • Approved driver name
  • Pickup time/return time of van
  • What size van needed
  • Number of people attending

Bus #1 and Van #2 with a FMS driver only  

Same information as the van rentals plus the following:

  • Pickup time and location on campus (pick up locations are Dorsey Steps or Van Meter Circle)
  • Pickup time from trip @ destination
  • Return time to Goucher


Mini Van #4, 5, 8 & 11 - 7 passenger mini vans – holds total of 7
Driver must be an approved driver. Please see Hugh Dennis
Cost: $.50 per mile

Van #2 - 10 passenger van plus driver - holds total of 11 
Driver must be an approved driver. Please see Hugh Dennis
Cost: $.70 per mile

Van# 10 - handicapped accessible van - holds 7 passengers plus driver – holds total of 8  
Driver must be an approved driver. Please see Hugh Dennis
Cost: $.70 per mile

Bus #1 - 19 passenger van plus driver - holds total of 20
FMS must provide the driver for the bus. Requires a CDL license.
Driver Rate $36.00 an hour
Cost: Bus $1.50 per mile


  • Driver Rate $36.00 per hour. Holiday rates, please ask for details.
  • A 4-hour minimum will be charged for evenings, weekends and holidays.
  • Please allow for extra driver charges to warm up the vehicle/gas/inspection before the trip and cleaning of the vehicle after.


  1. Please give us at least 24 hours’ notice if you will be canceling your rental reservation. Please send notification to or text 410-337-666. If you do not cancel there will be a $20 cancellation fee per vehicle.
  2. Cancellations that occur last minute (due to illness or lack of participants, etc.) or on weekends please email or text 410-337-6166. If you do not cancel you will be charged the $20 cancellation fee per vehicle.
  3. Any vehicle rentals that do not get picked up “NO SHOW” will be charged a $20 cancellation fee per vehicle. If that reservation included a driver, during off hours, you will be charged the 4-hour minimum plus the $20 cancellation fee.


  1. All trash must be taken out of the vehicle when returned.
  2. Any spills or soiled spots must be cleaned up before vehicle is returned.
  3. A packet of wipes will be provided for a wipe down of the steering wheel, instrument panel, door handles, and keys.
  4. A cleaning kit will be placed in the vehicle.
  5. A thorough cleaning and inspection of the vehicle will be performed by FMS.
  6. FMS will fill the fuel tank before or after every trip. If you need gas while you are renting the vehicle you will be responsible for paying to the gas.


  1. Any evening (after 4pm Mon-Fri) or weekend trips, keys and paperwork can be pick up at Campus Safety.
  2. All vehicles are equipped with an EZ Pass. You are responsible for paying the toll charge fee. We check the monthly EZ Pass account and charge the appropriate account for the charge. Please communicate with students to avoid tolls, this will save a lot of money.
  3. Any violations that come to our office will get billed to the appropriate vehicle rental.
  4. FMS does not supply any drinks, food or supplies for rentals.
  5. Please be aware of the length of the vans when parking in metered parking spots.
  6. No overnight trips unless a faculty or staff member attends.
  7. Staff/Faculty can pick up keys earlier than rental time frame, but the vehicle must stay at FMS until they are ready to go.
  8. FMS has the right to cancel any vehicle reservation due to inclement weather.


Charter Bus Transportation Policy

  • Atlantic Coast Charters Budget and Avis rentals
  • Academy Express, LLC Superior Tours
  • Eyre Bus Whitcraft
  • Woodlawn Motor Coach
  • Zip Cars located in the Dorsey lot
  • Goucher College travel portal: discounted rates from Enterprise and National Car
  • Budget adn Avis rentals
  • Superior Tours
  • Whitcraft