Club Finances 101

Each year, student organizations on campus are able to apply for funding through Student Government Association. Here is an overview of the information necessary to have a student organization "budget."

Registered Student Organization (RSO) Financial Guidelines

(Please refer to the full policy found in the current year RSO Handbook) 

  1. All student organizations may only have an account on campus through the Office of the Controller. A bank account with a financial institution not approved by Goucher College is strictly prohibited. Any proceeds, receipts, tec., from a student organization is governed by this requirement.
  2. RSOs wishing to order items for events, advertisement, and/or giveaway purposes must follow all guidelines related to the College's identity and trademarks. Information on Goucher College logo and graphics can be found here.
  3. RSOs wishing to purchase items must make an appointment with the SGA Treasurer or Director of Student EngagementPlease make sure to allow the student organization enough lead time to receive ordered items in enough time for the event/activity. 
  4. RSOs must submit reimbursement requests before purchasing any items. All receipts must be submitted to the Office of Student Engagement within two weeks of purchase.