Club Finances 101

How do club accounts work?

  • Your club has 2 accounts- a general account and a fundraising account.
  • General account- this is where any money you have petitioned from Goucher Student Government (GSG), through the Club Council branch, will be transferred. If you received funds through fall or spring budgeting, that money will also be deposited into your general account.  To access your general account, include the number 51000 after your club's account number.  For example, if your club's account number is 12345, you would write "12345-51000" to indicate your general account.
  • Fundraising account- this exists as a place for you to deposit any money that you raise through fundraising or ticket sales.  To access your fundraising account, include the number 22900 after your club's account number.
  • Before the school year starts, any money that is left in your club's general account will be rolled back into the GSG general fund. However, the money in your fundraising account rolls over from year to year.

How do I know if my club has any money?

I don't know my club's account number. Who should I ask?

Who's in charge of managing my club's money?

  • Each club should elect a treasurer who will manage budgeting, submit funding requests to GSG, and manage purchases.
  • All club treasurers are asked to attend Treasurers' Training at the beginning of each semester. This is a very important session that will explain how everything works!

Who should I go to in GSG if I have any problems with my club's account?