Contracts & Waivers

A contract exists to protect all parties involved in the event, activity, or program. A contract outlines what you've agreed to prior to the event, so it actually is a critical tool in event planning. Waivers are required for events with higher risk involved in their execution. 


All contracts must be reviewed and signed by be signed by the college's director of risk management. All contacts must be sent to the Director of OSE no later than one month (30 days) prior to the event/need. 

A contract is necessary for RSOs when:

  • Hiring a speaker to present.
  • Hiring entertainment/performer for an event.
  • Lessons are taught on a regular basis by an instructor (e.g., yoga, gymnastics, martial arts) 
  • Basically, any time someone is providing a service.

Please email OSE at least a month (30 days) prior to the event to get the process started. If a contract is not provided by the performer, speaker, or entertainer, the college has a standard contract for use. 

RSOs must have a signed contract BEFORE the event happens. RSOs will not have access to their SGA funding without the sign contract to pay the instructor/entertainer/presenter.


Waivers can be obtained from the OSE staff. They are necessary for any activities, events, or programs that include:

  • significant risk (e.g., rides, games, inflatables).
  • activities requiring physical contact or strenuous activity (e.g., massage, yoga, martial arts).
  • traveling off-campus on a Goucher-sponsored or SGA-funded activity.