For Advisers

The Role of the Adviser

Advisers play an important role for student clubs and organizations, providing support and guidance as they establish goals and plan events.  While the OSE staff provides frequent advising to clubs and organizations, we greatly appreciate the time devoted by Goucher faculty and staff who agree to serve as club advisors. 

The following are some of the roles that advisors play at Goucher: 

  • Make yourself available to the club leaders
  • Assist with setting goals and keeping the organization focused on goals
  • Encourage the development of responsibility and leadership in members & officers
  • Help students set up meaningful programs that support the organization's goals
  • Attend meetings and events periodically and provide feedback
  • Consult when difficulties and conflicts arise
  • Understand Goucher policies and procedures for planning events
  • Share ideas for fund-raising and programming
  • Provide continuity and historical information about the organization (as possible)

Resources for Advisers

If you ever experience problems or concerns with your club, please feel free to contact the Office of Student Engagement.  Also, as needed, please reference the resources available at the Event Planning Headquarters