Academic Centers

The 12 academic centers house groups of related fields of study. Students can choose a traditional major, or they can shape their education by combining different fields of study into a double major or interdisciplinary major. Within the centers, students also take courses, unrelated to their major or minor, that provide multiple perspectives and insights into their areas of academic interest. These center exploration courses help students dive into the big questions related to the wider field each center represents.

Center for Art & Media

Communication & Media Studies | Studio Art*

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Center for Contemporary & Creative Writing

Professional & Creative WritingCreative Writing* | Professional Writing*

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Center for Dance, Music & Theatre

Arts Administration* | Dance | Theatre*

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Center for Data, Mathematical & Computational Sciences

Computer Science | Integrative Data Analytics

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Center for Education, Business & Professional Studies

Business Management | Equine Studies* | International Business* | Secondary Education*

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Center for Geographies of Justice

Africana Studies* | Peace Studies | Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

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Center for Hispanic & Latinx Studies

Latin American Studies* | Spanish

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Center for Humanities

American Studies** | Art History* | Literary Studies | Historic Preservation* | History | Philosophy | Visual & Material Culture

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Center for Natural Sciences

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology** | Biological Sciences | Chemistry | Engineering ScienceEnvironmental Studies: Environmental Science | Premedical/Prehealth Studies* | Public Health*

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Center for People, Politics & Markets

Economics | Environmental Studies: Environment & Society | International Relations | Legal Studies* | Political Science | Sociology/Anthropology

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Center for Psychology


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Center for the Study of Modern Languages, Literatures & Cultures

Arabic Studies* | French Transnational Studies

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* Minor or concentration only
** Major only


Current students looking for program information can access our 2018-19 Course Catalog.