M.A. in Historic Preservation

The M.A.H.P. program was founded in 1995 as the nation's first low-residency graduate program in the field. Our students have included: career preservationists who wish to add to their knowledge base, professionals in related fields who seek to specialize in historic preservation tools, and advocates who are looking for strategies to preserve the historical integrity of their communities.

Valuing the past, Ensuring its Future

The Historic Preservation field recognizes enduring values and meanings embodied in the relationships between people and places, heritage and culture, local stories and national narratives. Our program prepares you to work effectively to secure valued places for the future and lead and support diverse communities and various peoples for whom architectural design, sense of place, historical events, and cultural practice have come to matter and to plan for long-term stewardship.

Whether you're interested in buildings or landscapes, deep rural places or the hearts of cities, the broad-based educational objectives of our program will prepare you to work for the sustainable longevity of the places that you care about. 


Specifically designed for working professionals, our program's low-residency format allows you to work and live anywhere while completing your degree. Courses are conducted online during fall, spring, and summer semesters, with a 10-day on-campus residency in July.


The faculty for the program is drawn from the nation's leading historic preservation practitioners and academics. Serving as tutors and mentors rather than traditional lecturers, the faculty meets with students during the on-campus summer residencies as well as maintains close contact throughout the off-campus semesters. They provide you with a depth of experience, as well as academic rigor.

Why Choose Goucher? 

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    WATCH NOW: "There's fairly specialized technical knowledge that I've been learning in the master's program that I can apply to my job." -Jackson Gilman-Forlini '12, '18 | M.A. in Historic Preservation

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    WATCH NOW: "I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to be able to achieve a graduate school degree and still be able to maintain my life as I knew it." -Lawana Holland-Moore '16 | M.A. in Historic Preservation

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    WATCH NOW: "I have a lot of fellow students who are working in the field that I can call upon for advice when we're dealing with something." -Shanon Miller '05 | M.A. in Historic Preservation