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Why Study Communication & Media at Goucher?

Our students develop a sense of communication history and master the language of mass media. Goucher challenges them to develop a critical view, with an emphasis on ethical judgments about the most current media issues. Academic and theoretical classes are supplemented with skills-oriented coursework, applied internships, and research activities, as well as TV studio, field video, audio, and new media production classes.

LearnWhat Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

Students are encouraged to pursue specific interests in television and film studies; video and audio production; print, radio, and television journalism; photography; public relations; popular culture studies; and new media. Extracurricular work with the campus radio station, digital media site, and student newspaper provide hands-on experience. Students complete internships in a variety of arenas, including television, radio, public relations, nonprofit activism, film, news writing and production, marketing, and new media production and training. Students are also encouraged to pursue independent projects.  Learn More

DoWhat Will You Do?

What Will You Do?

Our students have interned at the BET Network, Jim Henson Creature Workshop, The Washington Post, Time Inc., Us Weekly, HBO Documentaries, The New York Times Magazine, MTV Networks, and Fortune and Popular Science magazines. Many of our students attend top graduate programs, while others establish careers at organizations such as ABC Studios, ESPN, HBO, and the New York Times.

Additionally, Students and faculty participate in many professional communication associations, such as the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, the Cultural Studies Association, and the National Women's Studies Association.


Program Contact
Daniel Marcus

Full-Time & Half-Time Faculty

Graham Eng-Wilmot, Visiting Assistant Professor: Race and Ethnicity Studies, and Research Methods

Danny Kimball, Assistant Professor: Media Criticism, Media Policy and Regulation, and New Media

Daniel Marcus, Professor: Media History and Criticism, Documentary Film, and Video Production and Screenwriting

Darcey Morris, Visiting Assistant Professor: Media Writing, Media History and Criticism, and Public Relations

Maria San Filippo, Assistant Professor: Film and Television Studies, Gender and Sexuality in Media, Feminist and Queer Theory

David Zurawik, Assistant Professor: Journalism, Media Criticism, and New Media

Affiliate Faculty
Allison Lohr, Becky Free

Study Abroad


Macquarie University, just outside Sydney, gives students the opportunity to take part in the city life. With just about 30,000 students, including 8,000 international students from over 71 countries, Macquarie is able to prepare students for today's constantly changing, highly competitive society. The international studies program includes an orientation at the beginning of the term at a site outside of Sydney. The school offers classes in International Communications and in Media. There are also opportunities for Study Abroad students to take part in internships that are a combination of work-based learning and academic assessment. The program is offered in the fall and spring semesters and for a full academic year.

Courses include: Australian Media, Introduction to Screenwriting, News and Current Affairs, Introduction to the Cinema, Radio Production, Advanced Radio Broadcasting, Multimedia Theory and Production, Print Media Production, Screen Production, Media Forms: From Alphabet to Internet, Theories of Writing for the Media, Media Identities, Culture and Technology, Screenwriting, Contemporary World Cinemas, Public Relations, Introduction to International Affairs, Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Relations, International Television, International Communications Campaigns, International Public Relations and Advertising, Global Knowledge and Society, and Writing for International Business and Finance.



The Denmark International Study program in Copenhagen offers a great variety of classes for students studying Communication and Mass Media. This program offers intermediate and advanced classes. Trips to other European countries are encouraged during your break as well as integrated into courses. The program is offered both fall and spring semesters, full year, and summer semesters, though classes may vary.

The courses available include: History of European Film, Contemporary European Film, Scandinavian Moods in Cinema, Current Trends in Media, Digital Design Journal, Creative Industries, International Advertising in a European Context, Journalism and Public Relations, International Reporting, Photojournalism, Political Rhetoric, Virtual Worlds and Social Media.

Great Britain

The University of East Anglia is located in Norwich, one of the oldest cities in the Britain, with a metropolitan population of 375,000. UEA has over 13,000 students. It is home to the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, described by the Times University Guide as "perhaps the greatest resource of its type on any university campus." The collection combines works from famous western artists with fine and applied arts from around the globe. The university's research in communication, cultural, and media studies is ranked in the top three in the country. The program is offered for the fall and spring semesters and for a full academic year. Courses cover film studies, television studies, American studies, society, culture and media, and politics and media.

The University of Westminster is one of London's oldest educational institutions. The university is comprised of several different schools, with an undergraduate population of about 16,000 students from the UK and over 80 other countries. The School of Communication and Creative Industries is located on the Harrow campus, 30 minutes from the center of London and near a tube stop. In the British Government's official tables of teaching and research excellence, no University ranks higher in the field of Communication, Design and Media than the University of Westminster. This center of excellence is housed in a £30 million custom-built campus. The campus holds broadcast quality TV, radio, photography and music studios and computer facilities. The school has an orientation program for all international students. The program is offered for the fall and spring semesters and for a full academic year.

Courses offered in Animation, Art and media practice, Communications, Contemporary media practice, Film, Graphic Information Design Illustration, Imaging, Journalism, Management, Media Studies, Photography, Public Relations, Radio, Television.

Intensive Courses Abroad

Communication and Media Studies is not presently providing any ICAs. Students may be interested in ARB 272G: Arab Cinemas, Cultures and Identities.


More Information

For more information about study abroad opportunities, visit the Goucher College Office of International Studies Website.

Opportunities & Internships


The Quindecim (The Q)

The Quindecim, the Independent Student Newspaper of Goucher College, is published by Goucher students once every two weeks during the academic year, except during vacation and exam periods. The Quindecim online publishes new content daily at throughout the academic year. The publication was founded in 1913.

The Quindecim is distributed to over 1,400 students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees and other members of the Goucher College community, and can be found at over 25 locations on campus, and throughout the Towson area.The Quindecim always wants students passionate about journalism, writing, business, advertising, design, photography, cartooning, social media, and multimedia. Please email expressing your interest to join the staff.

Goucher Radio Station

Located in the Athenaeum, the Goucher Radio Station serves as the home to DJ's and the nerve center for the GCSR community. Goucher College Student Radio continues to provide the campus with intelligent and creative programming and virtually unrestricted content. Listen live, 24/7 at!

Student Employment

To find on-campus employment especially suitable for communication and media studies students, please visit the Career Education Office.

Internship Program

The Department requires a 2-4 credit internship for all majors. Contact the Career Education Office for details of requirements and opportunities currently posted. CMS majors intern for a wide variety of companies, non-profit groups, and government agencies, during the school year and in the summer, in Baltimore and elsewhere. Companies listed below are just a sample of the organizations that have offered internships in the past.

Television Studios

2000 W. 41st St.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-467-4545

Hands-on experience working with equipment, writing and recording your own stories. Extremely friendly staff; students are treated as peers, not interns.

WBAL Channel 11 (NBC)
3800 Hooper Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-467-3000
Fax: 410 -338-6616

Field work with camera crews and news reporters, writing news stories. Internships are available in community relations, news, production, programming, promotions, and sports. Interview, work sample, cover letter, résumé, and college transcript required for application.

Black Entertainment Television Network Inc.
One BET Plaza
1235 W Street
Washington, DC 20018-121
Phone: 202-608-2169

Internship applications available online at the offical BET website.

Radio Stations

WIYY- 98 Rock
3800 Hooper Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-889-0098
Fax: 410-675-7946
Contact: Jim Yates

Internships available include marketing, on air, production, programming, and promotions. Students assist the station promoters and on-air studio, as well as the production studio. This position is open to junior and seniors; marketing and journalism majors are preferred. Interview is required.

WRNR- 103.1 FM
112 Main St. 3rd floor
Annapolis, MD 21401
Phone: 410-626-0103
Fax: 410-267-7634

For students interested in radio broadcasting; internships are available in editing, operations, productions, sales, and traffic reporting. All years are welcome. Interview required.

Public Relations Internships

Harrison Edwards Public Relations
51 Babbitt Road
New York, NY 10507
Phone: 914- 242-0010

Strong writing and communication skills needed, flexible personality and ability to multi-task. Smaller business, able to get to know co-workers well as well as clients.

Cole Communications
272 First Ave.
New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212-995-1415

Fast-paced, small firm that gives interns a lot of attention; students are assigned a lot of different tasks to do in many venues.

Advertising Internships

Horich Parks Lebow
5 Shawan Road
Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Contact: Chip Hector, Partner/VP Operations

Production Internships

Ed Reahl Productions
504 Baltimore Ave.
Towson, MD 21204
Phone: 410-823-5570

Overall view of the world of television production. Internship positions vary from year to year.

Groundbreaking Enterprises
P.O. Box 20301
Baltimore, MD 21284
Phone: 410- 574-3147

Enhances writing and video editing skills. Video production, tape duplications, and commercial work also available. Groundbreaking Enterprises produces "Community in Touch," which is a Baltimore-based television show that explores the variety of community-based organizations around the city.


The Washington Post
1150 15th St., N.W.,
Washington D.C. 20005
Phone: 202-334-6415
Contact: Judith Havemann, Director

Paid internships available in Metro, Style, Sports, and Business sections. There are also internships available in photojournalism, page design, and working the copy desk. Gain experience in one or more of these valuable skills: editing, reporting, photojournalism, and graphic design.



Popular Science
2 Park Ave.
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-779-5339
Contact: Mariette DiChristina, Executive Director

Interns work as a part of the editorial staff doing editorial support, research and reporting, writing, and proof reading. This is internship pays $1,000 for 10 weeks. Students will gain experience in editing, reporting, research, photojournalism, production, graphic art, and electronic publishing.

A detailed description of the off-campus experience is published by the Career Education Office each year and fully describes the guidelines and timetable for internships. Students interested in arranging an internship in communication and media studies should contact their individual academic advisors.


Internships help students explore possibilities, apply classroom learning, and gain experience. Explore internships and credit options.

Student Employment

Student employment connects students to both on and off-campus opportunities. The Career Education Office provides resources and support to students with or without Federal Work Study to find jobs, submit applications, and learn more about the job search process. Students have access to Goucher Recruit — an online site for job postings and job fair events.

Major & Career Exploration

Exploring career options, choosing a major, and making career decisions is a multi-step process in which all students are encouraged to engage early and often. Goucher students have a variety of resources available through the Majors and Career page to assist them in this process.

Job Search

A Goucher education prepares students for today’s job market and beyond. Students can explore job opportunities and access job search resources through the CEO Job Search page.

Graduate & Professional School

Students access resources for searching and applying to graduate and professional school through the CEO Graduate and Professional School page, through faculty and staff members, or utilizing their own resources, network and tools.

Student Projects

Student Projects

Moe de La Viez

Joel Nadler



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Melissa Weiss '09

“I don’t mind that I didn’t go to film school because I got to take everything else that Goucher offered. I took a ton of theater classes; I took all their directing courses; I took photography courses, English courses, women’s studies. I mean, I did a ton.”

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