M.A. in Cultural Sustainability (M.A.C.S.)

Goucher’s Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability offers a competitive edge for emerging cultural leaders seeking to advance their professional lives in new directions and collaborate innovatively with communities in a world where cultural equity is threatened.  We know that culture is dynamic and changing; yet our traditions and heritage are sources of resilience and tools for cultural sustainability. 

M.A.C.S.Program Basics

Complete in as little as 2 Years

42 credits

87% of alumsworking in related careers

International Conversation with Sustainability Activists - Sept 2022

In collaboration with the University of Glasgow in Scotland and the Universidade Federal de Sergipe in Brazil, MACS invites you to explore the issues complicating and supporting sustainability work across sectors. This two-day gathering will begin with in-person presentations and conversations on Goucher’s campus. On the second day we will join our colleagues in Scotland and Brazil for a virtual international conversation. Whether your focus is cultural, environmental, economic, or social, join us to share your experiences, challenges, solutions, and stories.

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Think Globally, Act Locally

In this era of increasing homogeneity and globalization, local history, traditions, and ways of life are among our most endangered resources and precious assets. By strengthening and building on the foundations of these resources—whether artistic, linguistic, musical, economic, or environmentalwe begin to counter the powerful forces that endanger communities around the world.  Our graduates are employed in museums, arts and cultural institutions, sustainable tourism, education, social service organizations, archives and more. 

Integrated Advocacy

Our curriculum weaves together the best of folklore, anthropology, cultural management, heritage studies and sustainability within an interdisciplinary framework grounded in ethical practice and humanitarian leadership that fosters community-driven change.  The faculty are noted practitioners and scholars who bring their professional experiences and networks into the classroom.  Students come from a variety of sectors and immediately apply what they learn to their work in support of sustainable and livable futures.

Why choose Goucher?

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    WATCH NOW: "I love the Cultural Sustainability program mainly because every class that I've taken so far I've been able to tie it to the needs of my community." -Candy Testa '18 | M.A. in Cultural Sustainability

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    WATCH NOW: "What I love about this program is that all the professors are working in the field." -Sandra Sarrouf '18 | M.A. in Cultural Sustainability