Engineering Science

An interdisciplinary program focusing on broad skills-based preparation for tomorrow’s science- and engineering-related careers

The vision of the Engineering Science Program is to prepare today’s students for a future in technological innovation, by grounding them in the most critical skills—problem-solving, quantitative analysis, programming, designing experiments, building devices—needed in a range of careers and technologies, while also developing an interdisciplinary perspective on society and culture through Goucher’s liberal-arts education.

Our goal is for students to be able to identify and develop practical and usable solutions to particular technological needs. Students will also understand the societal context and impacts of science and technology, and learn to navigate diverse perspectives and cultural communities while collaborating to solve problems.

The student pathway through the program has been completely reimagined, in comparison to a traditional science or engineering degree, to make it possible for students to enter the program at a range of levels of preparation and to provide support while students solidify their skills. By taking an innovative and streamlined approach to organize the content of the program, we concentrate on building skills that are common to a range of technological career paths while providing a firm grounding in the core principles of physics, chemistry, math, and computer science. Our nontraditional course pathway emphasizes skill-building and is designed to empower students from diverse backgrounds to succeed.

Graduates of the engineering science major will be prepared for positions across the engineering, scientific, and technology sectors, as well as for the pursuit of master’s degrees in engineering.