Master of Education Program

One of the few of its kind in the nation, the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree offered by Goucher College aims to answer the urgent needs of today's teachers.

Meeting the Needs of Students & Educators

In private and public schools, in the cities, in rural areas, and in the suburbs, teachers are facing a growing population of psychologically and sociologically disrupted students. The causes may range from family difficulties, such as drug/alcohol abuse, to educational problems, such as inappropriate school curriculum. The challenges posed to the classroom teacher, however, are uniformly immense. To understand the needs and motivations of students and to help them overcome obstacles to learning within their environments, educators and other concerned adults need specialized training that is unavailable in most master of education programs.

Ten Areas of Specialization

Goucher College’s Master of Education degree and Professional Development certificates, developed in collaboration with Sheppard Pratt, aim to fill this void. With a curriculum specially designed to integrate theoretical and practical course work, the graduate program is divided into ten areas of specialization:

  • Athletic Program Leadership and Administration
  • At-Risk & Diverse Learners
  • Literacy Strategies for Content Learning
  • Middle School Specialization (available only through Cohort program)
  • Montessori Studies
  • Reading Instruction (MSDE-approved for Reading Specialist certification)
  • School Improvement Leadership (MSDE-approved program for Administrator 1 Certification)
  • Reducing Student, Classroom, and School Disruption: Prevention and Retention
  • Special Education for certified Elementary and Secondary Teachers
  • Teacher as Leader in Technology

Each of the ten areas addresses the societal forces that have an impact on student development and success and examines social and ethical issues, curricular and management strategies, and relevant research. Wherever possible, a clinical perspective is offered with practical applications.

Applicants to this program should have a special interest in and talent for working with youth. Although not required, teaching experience is also an advantage.

Why Choose Goucher?

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