Goucher Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate, post-bac premedical, international graduate and graduate assistant students are required to have health insurance coverage. Goucher College will automatically charge students for Goucher's health insurance. You may waive this coverage and have the charge removed if you have comparable coverage.

Goucher College has contracted with United Healthcare to administer our policy through First Risk Advisors.

2022-2023 Rates

Plans Coverage Dates Cost
Annual - UG and PB 8/1/22 - 7/31/23 $3,581
Annual - Grad Assistants 8/1/21 - 7/31/22 $4,399
Spring/Summer - UG and PB 1/26/22- 7/31/22 $1,840
Spring/Summer Grad Assistants 1/26/22/7/31/22 $2,260

Students will automatically be charged the Goucher Health Insurance premium of $3,581. Health insurance premium will be charged half in the Fall and the second half in the Spring semester. If a student is no longer enrolled in the Spring, the second half of the premium will still be charged to the Student Account.

Elections & Deadlines

How to Waive - complete the waiver form at www.firststudent.com

How to Enroll - complete the enrollment form at www.firststudent.com

Annual Waiver Deadline - August 12, 2022

New Spring 2022 students only - January 20, 2023

More info

For more information, please visit the Health Insurance webpage on the Student Health Center website. 

2022-2023 Health Insurance Summary (PDF)