Request for Refund

Please note:
In order for students to request a refund they must:

  1. Set up with BankMobile (directions below)
  2. Complete and submit the Student Refund Request Form (link located below)

New Process for Receiving Funds

In order to provide more flexible options for receiving refunds, Goucher has partnered with BankMobile Disbursements to deliver financial aid and other school refunds to Goucher students.

The new refund program will give students different Direct Deposit options

Select How you Want Your Refund Delivered

  1. Login to mygoucher
  2. Select the Finance Tab
  3. Select Student refunds
  4. Select how you want your refund delivered

Follow the instructions to select how you’d like to refund your money. If you select the BankMobile Vibe checking account as your refund choice, you will receive a temporary virtual Debit Mastercard® to use until your physical card arrives in the mail.

Important Criteria/Information

  • All Student account refunds will be made payable to the student unless the Student account is settled by a Parent Plus loan. If the account is settled by a Parent plus loan, the paper check refund will be made payable to the parent and mailed to the parent's address on file.
  • All Financial Aid must have disbursed before a refund can be issued. If you are using a monthly payment plan you must wait until your plan has been paid in full before requesting a refund.
  • Refunds at the beginning of a semester will be processed after the Registration add/drop period concludes. For the holiday refund schedule, or any questions, please contact the Billing department at
  • Refunds during the semester must be received by Wednesday, 5PM in order for a check to be processed on the following Thursday.
  • Graduating senior refunds will automatically be processed in late June early July after all departments have submitted any miscellaneous charges to the Student account.

Parents or Students may request a refund. Please select the appropriate form, by clicking one of the buttons below. 

Parents: If you would like to authorize the refund to be  deposited into your student’s bank account, please select the “Student Request Option.”

Student Request for Refund Form

Parent Request for Refund Form