Student Health Insurance

Goucher College offers an Injury and Sickness insurance policy to all undergraduate students taking 12 or more credit hours per semester and all graduate students taking 9 or more credit hours and their dependents, if desired. PLEASE READ ALL DETAILS AND INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY AND NOTE THAT YOU MUST FIRST VISIT THE STUDENT HEALTH CENTER, UNLESS YOU ARE OUTSIDE THE AREA (greater than 50 miles from campus) AND/OR THE CLINIC IS CLOSED. You will be automatically enrolled in this insurance unless you return a signed waiver indicating comparable coverage. This fee will be charged to the student's billing account at the end of the enrollment period. For more information about Goucher student health insurance, please go to or call United Healthcare Insurance Company at 1-800-505-4160.

We realize that many of you are covered under your parents' policies or have coverage of your own. HOWEVER, WE ADVISE YOU TO CHECK WITH YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY OR HMO BEFORE YOU MAKE THE DECISION TO WAIVE THE GOUCHER INSURANCE; SOME MANAGED CARE COMPANIES WILL NOT OFFER NON-EMERGENCY COVERAGE OUTSIDE YOUR PLAN AREA. This may contribute to a delay, additional stress and costs while attempting to coordinate necessary medical care.

If you need help in filing claims for the Goucher student health insurance, call Kayla Bullock or Jennifer Abell at Student Health Services, (410) 337-6050. If you have questions about the policy, feel free to contact Customer Service at 800-767-0700 or

Student Health Insurance Enrollment Information

For requirements and instructions for undergraduate and graduate student health insurance enrollment, please visit the billing deptartment's webpage.

Please Note: Graduate student health insurance enrollment is elective and requires a separate process from the Undergraduate student health insurance enrollment.

Federal Health Insurance Enrollment Information

To take advantage of the affordable Federal Health Insurance go to for details.