Billing Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Fall 2023 E-bill statement be available?

Your E-bill statement will be available online on July 6 late in the day. (Fall Registered students)

E-Billing notifications are automatically emailed to Student's Goucher email address if registered for classes. Parents and any other bill payers who have been granted access by the student to billing information will also receive email notifications.

How do parents or other bill payers get set up to receive E-Billing?

Your student must grant you access to receive E-billing statements.

Have your student go to and click on "Student Granting Access To Others" for instructions on granting you access to e-billing and making online payments. once you have been granted access, you will receive an email from goucher webpay with a temporary password that you will need to change as soon as possible to a permanent password. You should also submit a "Security Question response" that will allow you to reset your password should you forget it in the future.

How can I estimate my balance due?

Calculate Balance

Use the Undergraduate worksheet to calculate your balance using the Billing Worksheet.

When is my Fall 2023 semester bill due?

Fall 2023  Balance Due Date

Fall 2023 payment is due on July 28, 2023 to avoid the $200 late fee.

How can I pay my balance due?

Balance Payment

We encourage online (real-time) payments but also accept paper checks and wire transfers as payments. Student Accounts is located in the Dorsey Center with regular business hours (8:45-5, M-F.) Tuesday and Thursday the office is closed to in person inquires. Please include your student's full name on all checks. Checks may be placed in the drop box (outside SFS office door) at any time. For more payment instructions visit payment options.

Do you offer a monthly payment plan for the Academic 2023 - 2024 year

Payment Plan

Goucher offers a monthly tuition payment plan through Transact. Payments for these plans are due to Transact (formerly Cashnet) not to Goucher and are interest free. Semester plans have a $35 enrollment fee and are either 5, 4 3 or three month plans. Your Goucher statement will show a payment / credit for the entire amount of your semester plan amount, even though you won't have paid that entire amount yet. The UG Billing Worksheet can help you get a good starting point, and then the plan amount can be adjusted after you receive your Fall statement. All plan enrollments must be submitted online. For information /enroll click here. If you have any questions about the plan, call higher one at 1-877-821-0625.

Can I pay my bill with my credit card?


Goucher does not accept credit card payments for undergraduate tuition account payments. However, through a monthly payment plan partner, CASHNet, a credit card processing service is offered for Goucher College. Please note that they will charge you a fee based on the amount charged. For more information contact CASHNet at 877-821-0625.

What happens if I am paying my balance with financial aid loans or a tuition payment plan and the funds have not yet been credited to my account?

Payment with Financial Aid

If paying the Fall balance with financial aid (including loans) please make sure all required documentation has been submitted to the Financial Aid office and the Financial Aid process is complete. Students may check the status of their financial aid at

Can my 529 College Savings account payment be sent directly to Goucher College?

529 College Savings

Yes, mail checks to Goucher College, Student Billing SFS 1021 Dulaney Valley Road, Baltimore, MD 21204. The check should either reference the student's full name or Goucher ID number. Please review with your 529 plan their specific disbursement process and processing time. 529 Payments are expected by the due date. Please provide proof of disbursement request (email if payment is delayed.

What does a ($-) negative balance on my statement represent?

Negative Balance Statement

A negative balance on your statement indicates a credit balance on the student account. This credit may be transferred from your student account to your student OneCard (Tuition payment plan credits are excluded from being transferred to the OneCard until the Tuition payment plan contract is paid in full). Credit balances at the end of the term will be carried over to the next term unless a refund is requested in writing or the student is no longer attending.

What is a tuition overload charge on my spring statement?

Tuition Overload

Students taking more than 18 credits during a semester are charged ($1,700) for each additional credit. Plus a $12.50 per credit Part Time Fee. Tuition charges will be finalized after the end of the add/drop period (9/8/23). Courses withdrawn after that date will not impact the tuition charge, unless the student withdraws from all courses by the 5th week of classes. Refund Policy

What happens if my account is delinquent?

Delinquent Account

A student whose billing account is delinquent will be denied the privileges of registering, attending classes, living in the residence halls and using college facilities.  Please contact the Billing Office as soon as possible if you need to discuss billing issues ( so we can assist you.

What meal plan will be charged on my statement?

Meal Plan Charge

Please submit your meal plan request to Residence Life at First-year students will be required to maintain the 19 meals per week meal plan. Review your Student Account Statement to confirm your accurate meal plan. Students should monitor their meal plan use because meals and Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester.

Is Health Insurance required?

Health Insurance Requirement

Yes, all full-time students must be covered by Health Insurance. All full-time students will be charged for the Health insurance (half the premium in Fall 2023 and the second half of the premium in Spring 2024 statement). If a student is not enrolled in Spring 2024, their account will still be charged the second half of the premium. For more information go to

All Health Insurance waivers/enrollments must be submitted online by August 12, 2023 NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can I pay for Health Center incidental charges (i.e. dispensed medication) using my OneCard?

Health Center Incidental Charges

Yes, you can add gopher bucks to your OneCard at to pay for these and other items listed on the OneCard website.

What is the Student Activity Fee?

Student Activity Fee

This mandatory fee covers the cost of activities provided by the Student Government Association (SGA) and student clubs on campus. It is charged to all full-time undergraduate students.

What is the Tuition Refund Insurance?

Tuition Refund Insurance

Tuition Insurance provides peace of mind by reimbursing tuition costs if a student withdraws at any time during the semester for a covered reason such as a serious injury or illness, a chronic illness, or a mental health condition.

This coverage expands the scope of our refund policy ( by ensuring reimbursement for tuition, room, board and other fees for withdrawals at any time during the semester.

Goucher College has partnered with GradGuardto provide our families with tuition insurance featuring special plans and rates not available to the general public. The Tuition Refund insurance is optional and the premium will be charged directly through GradGuard. The premium will not be charged on your Goucher Statement.

Students may sign up for coverage for the semester (fall and/or spring) or academic year and choose a coverage level based on their individual situation. Learn more (including how much coverage you may need) and sign up at ( or by calling 877-794-6603. The enrollment deadline is September 8, 2023.

What does a Billing Stop hold mean?

Billing Stop Hold

A Billing Stop hold is placed on accounts that have not made arrangements to settle their Tuition Account Balance. Please contact the Billing Office as soon as possible if you need to discuss billing issues ( so we can assist you. Please note, if an account is delinquent a student can be denied the privileges of registering, attending classes, living in the residence halls and using college facilities.

Where do I send an overnight payment?

Overnight Payment

There is no need to overnight payments. You can make a real-time secure payment to a student account at no extra cost using Webpay for electronic checks at You can also mail a check to our Student Billing office on campus (see "Payment Options" for more information)

Will I receive an updated statement automatically if I change a meal plan or room assignment, or have additional billing charges or credits which change my balance due?

Balance Payment Adjustments

No, new statements are not automatically created when adjustments are made to the student account. If you have adjustments such as additional scholarships, a meal plan change, new Financial Aid, 529 payments etc., email the Billing office at the details of the adjustment and pay the adjusted balance by the deadline.

What charges will be billed on my statement for my study abroad program?

Study Abroad Charges

The Office of Global Education has an estimate of Program Costs on their Study Abroad for study abroad program questions email the Office of Global Education at

Can I transfer a credit on my student account to my Goucher OneCard?

Student Account Credit Transfer

You can request that a student account credit be transferred to your OneCard with the following conditions: If your Financial Aid process is complete, but your aid is still anticipated (not disbursed), you can transfer up to $600 before disbursement. Also, if you are paying your tuition bill with the Transact/CashNet Payment Plan, funds cannot be transferred until the payment plan has been paid in full. To request the transfer email

What are the OneCard and Gopher Bucks?

OneCard & Gopher Bucks

The OneCard is the electronic gateway to the campus. It serves as a the student's meal plan card, provides electronic key access to campus buildings and laundry services, and functions as your Goucher library card. It also may be used as a debit card for on- and off-campus spending. Money can be added to this account at any time as Gopher Bucks, which can used to purchase a variety of goods and services including textbooks, food and any Health Center charges. For details, visit or email

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 410-337-6022 or