Meal Plan Options

FALL 2020

Meal Blocks / Swipes: The term Blocks or Swipes refers to one meal. For example, a 19-Meal per Week Plan gives you 19 meals to use per week. All unused meals expire at the end of each Sunday; they will not carry forward.

Dining Dollars: Each Residential Meal Plan comes with $250 in Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars unused at the end of the semester do not carry over to the next semester; they expire.

Gopher Bucks: Gopher Bucks can be used anywhere on campus, and some off-campus locations, in place of cash, or credit and debit cards. They can also be used to purchase meals in all locations on campus. Gopher Bucks carry over from semester to semester. Balances over $10 will be refunded after the student has graduated or is no longer attending.

Kosher Nosh: Strictly kosher, meat and vegan options but no dairy. Available to all students with a regular meal swipe in Mary Fisher.

First-year students are required to maintain the 19 meals/week meal plan.

Meal Plan Dining Dollars per Semester Cost per Semester 2020-21 Cost per Acad Year 2020-21 Approx Dining Dollars per Week
Required for new students 19 Meals per Week $250 $3,514 $7,028 $16
14 Meals per Week $250 $3,097 $6,194 $16
10 Meals per Week $250 $2,705 $5,410 $16

Meal Blocks expire at midnight every Sunday and reset at 12:01 Monday morning.

Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester.

New students are defaulted to the 19-Meal per Week plan.

Upper classmen: to change your meal plan go to:

The deadline to change your Fall meal plan is September 4, 2020.

To purchase additional Dining Dollars ($15 bonus if purchasing $100), go to Purchases can be made in $25 and $100 increments.

To purchase Gopher Bucks (which do not expire and can be used in dining facilities, the bookstore, post office, laundry, vending machines, health center and more), go to

Returning students, if you want to change your meal plan for the Fall 2020 semester or want to add a meal plan, please submit your meal plan change online at The deadline to change a Fall meal plan is September 4th, 2020.