Refund Policy

Credit Balances

Credit balances are automatically refunded if required under Title IV (federal aid exceeds allowable billing charges) or a student has graduated or withdrawn from the college. All other credit balances can be refunded if a written request has been received by the Billing office and the add/drop date has passed for the semester that the credit balance occurred. To request a term credit go to

You can also request that a student account credit be transferred to your OneCard with the following conditions: If your Financial Aid process is complete, but your aid is still anticipated (not disbursed), you can transfer up to $600 before disbursement. Also, if you are paying your tuition bill with the CashNet Payment Plan, funds cannot be transferred until the payment plan has been paid in full. To request the transfer email


Students Withdrawing From College

Students are billed semester tuition charges based on course loads as of the last day of the drop deadline during the beginning of the semester. Semester tuition charges will not be affected if courses are dropped after that date, unless the student withdraws from the college. The refund policy applies to both matriculating and non-candidate students. An adjustment of semester charges may apply to students who withdraw from all courses of their own accord, based on the refund periods below.

Tuition Refund Insurance (for medical withdrawals) is available. Visit the Tuition Refund Insurance page.

Federal Aid may be adjusted in accordance with the Federal Return to Title IV calculation based on days of attendance as a percentage of total days in the semester up until 60% (click here for details). No adjustments to federal aid will be made once more than 60% of the semester has passed. Institutional aid will be refunded according to the Tuition and Fee refund schedule below and is based on the date the Registrar's Office receives the Semester Withdrawal form. Any credit balance remaining after these adjustments to the student's account will be refunded. Any remaining balance due must be paid by the student.

No adjustment of semester charges will be granted to students who are suspended or expelled for academic or disciplinary reasons. The college reserves the right to suspend or dismiss at any time a student whose academic standing or general conduct is considered unsatisfactory.

Refund/Credit Allowed

The refund policies below are subject to change per semester and are for a complete withdrawal for the semester.

Tuition & Fees- Full Term Classes   

1st and 2nd week of classes 100% refund
3rd week of classes 75% refund
4th week of classes 50% refund
5th week of classes 25% refund
After 5th week 0% refund

Tuition & Fees- 7 or 8 week Classes

1st week of classes 75% refund
2nd week of classes 50% refund
3rd week of classes 25% refund
After 4th week  0% refund

Tuition Post-Bac PreMed Summer

Before the 1st day of class 100% refund
1st and 2nd day of classes 75% refund
3rd and 4th day of classes 50% refund
5th and 6th day of classes 25% refund
After the 6th day of class 0% refund


1st and 2nd week of classes 100% refund
After 2nd week of classes 0% refund


Refund based on the lesser of days of attendance or meal plan usage during the semester.


Request a Refund