Granting E-Billing Access to Others

Students need to grant permission for other parties to have access to Goucher WebPay. Those individuals will have their own login and password to the system. Access to Goucher WebPay gives the individual access to only the total amount of Pending Financial Aid (if any), Adjusted Balance Due, and Payment Information. It does not provide access to any academic information.

Student Instructions

  1. Log in to MyGoucher.
  2. Click on the Finances tab.
  3. Click on CashNet MyAccount (top left corner)
  4. Under Payers, send a payer invitation to parent or others to receive Ebilling Statements
  5. Complete Payer Invitation form, First Name, Last Name and Email address
  6. Check box to Allow access to statements
  7. Type and send message to payer
  8. Sign up under SMS Notification to receive statement text message notifications

Parent & Family Member Instructions

  1. Once student completes process above, Goucher webpay will email you your parent pin and temporary password. The temporary password expires within 48 hours, so be sure to complete the sign up process right way.
  2. Go to E-Billing Parent Login.
  3. Log in to system, change your password and answer the security question.
  4. Parents can then reset their password if needed.