Careers for MACS Graduates

The list of possible careers for a graduate of our program is nearly endless, but the program is perfect for those who seek to make real change in the real world. Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes, museums of all kinds, activist groups and movements, social networks and social marketing groups, advocacy organizations, traditional artisans, and even corporations are seeking more and better ways to interact with the world around them in a positive and sustainable way.

Culture underlies everything we do. This notion is still revolutionary, but is becoming clearer every day. The demand for individuals who know how to use ethnographic tools to effectively communicate with different communities and cultures—and who understand how to effect real change based on those observations and interactions—will continue to increase as we outgrow our planet, our resources, and our old ways of doing things. Our graduates will be leaders in this new conversation. Whether through fieldwork, activism, leadership, or management and communications, they will blaze the trail towards a new vision of sustainability.