Careers for M.A.C.S. Graduates

Culture underlies everything we do. This notion is still revolutionary, but is becoming clearer every day. The demand for individuals who know how to effectively interact with different communities and cultures—and who understand how to effect real change based on those observations and interactions—will continue to increase as we outgrow our planet, our resources, and our old ways of doing things. M.A.C.S. graduates are blazing the trail towards a new vision of sustainability. 87% of M.A.C.S grads are working in jobs specifically related to their graduate degree.

                                   M.A.C.S. Graduates Employment chart

Alumni are working in the following positions:

  • Directors of folklife and community arts organization
  • Museum educators 
  • Travel writer
  • PhD students / teaching
  • Tribal cultural leaders
  • Founders and Directors of community-building social service organizations
  • Culturally-aware health care providers
  • Refugee resettlement workers
  • Project managers
  • Outreach specialists
  • Events designers and coordinators
  • College professors