M.A.C.S. Program Timeline

Although you have five years to complete all the degree requirements, most students graduate in two years. Many of the courses are offered online, but we begin each academic year with a nine-day residency on Goucher's beautiful campus.  During this time you will work intensively with faculty and peers, learn from site visits and guest speakers, and build a community of practice to take you through the program and into your professional work.

Below is a sample program timeline and an average time frame for completing the program. The number of credits you take each semester determines how long it will take to complete the program.  Students may graduate in December or May.  We will work with you to develop an academic plan that meets your professional and personal schedule.  


  • Summer Residency 2024: July 19 (2 required courses)
  • Fall 2024 online: August 19 (1 required course, 1 elective)
  • Winter 2025 online: January 2 (1 management course; Field School in Nepal)
  • Spring 2025 online: January 27 (1 required course, 1 elective)
  • Summer 2025 online: May 27 (1 management course, 1 elective )
  • Summer Residency 2025: July 18 (1 required course, 1 elective or management course)
  • Fall 2025 online:  August 18 (1 elective/management course, Capstone Proposal)
  • Spring 2026 online: January 26 (Capstone Implementation; graduate in May)

For specific dates each year, please view our academic calendar.