Germán Mora, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Curriculum & Welch Center for Graduate and Professional Studies

Annalisa Czeczulin, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Programs in Education; Director, Center of Education


Academic Directors

Aarika Camp, Ph.D.
Program Director, Master of Science in Higher Education Policy, Research, and Administration & Vice President, Student Affairs

Shelley Johnson
Director, Advanced Placement & Teacher's Institutes

Ramona A. Baker
Academic Director, Master of Arts in Arts Administration

Leslie Rubinkowski
Academic Director, Master of Fine Arts in Nonfiction

Amy Skillman
Academic Director, Master of Arts in Cultural Sustainability

Melanie Lytle
Academic Director, Master of Arts in Historic Preservation



Lillian Johnson
Operations Assistant 

Lexi Rudolph
Associate Director of Recruitment and Enrollment Management

Alicia Cooper

Financial Operations Assistant & Office Manager

Megan Molitoris
Academic Advisor & Student Success Coach

Shanna Webb 
Junior Success Advisor