Celia Duncan M.A.C.S. ’15

Celia has a passion for people-to connect and empower. Throughout her undergraduate years at Evangel University she clung to the idea that "to help people you first have to know them." This idea was a catalyst that drove her desire to earn a degree in International Multicultural Studies. Celia has worked for several non-profit organizations focused on empowering and connecting communities. Through Goucher's Cultural Sustainability program, Celia is continuing her journey of connecting with people. The program curriculum will equip Celia with the skills needed to encourage positive change and develop connections in and across communities.

What has stood out to you about Goucher's Cultural Sustainability program?

"Program instructors facilitate a way of learning that allows students to engage with the material at a deep and meaningful level. The focus on dialogue in each class has challenged me to master the material as well as learn from the brilliant members of my cohort. This learning style makes the material personal. "

What do you find unique to the program?

"What drew me to the Cultural Sustainability program was the warmth of the faculty and desire to be equipped with tools to spark positive change in communities. In each course I have acquired a new set of tools that equip and empower me to listen to each community I encounter and move forward to be a part of the change."