Resources for Current Graduate Students


Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar 2023-24 (PDF)

Academic Calendar 2024-25 (PDF)

Graduate Catalogue

Graduate Catalogue 2023-24 (PDF)


Registration Checklist

  1. Meet with your advisor
    • It is strongly recommended that students meet with their advisor each term to discuss course registration options. If you have questions about who your advisor is, please contact
    • Note to all Graduate Programs in Education (GPE) students: The full schedule of course offerings are posted here.
  2. Resolve holds
    • If you have a balance from a previous term, registration will be blocked for future terms. If you log in to MyGoucher and see a billing registration hold notification, please contact
    • If there is any other type of hold, please contact
  3. Register through MyGoucher
    • For step-by-step registration instructions, please click here. If there are questions or concerns regarding registration, please contact


Financial Aid

Please see the Financial Aid web page for information on the financial aid application process.


Billing/Payment Information

A monthly payment plan is available through the CashNet FSPP (full service payment plan), which may be helpful for students who do not qualify for or do not wish to take advantage of the Federal loan program. Payments may be made by check, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Contact Billing for more information.

All student accounts must be current before enrollment is allowed for subsequent semesters. A late fee will be assessed if payment has not been received by the due date.



Students can order textbooks for courses through our Bookstore site.


Residency Information

Low residency students seeking information about their respective residency can find more information here.

If you have any questions about your residency, please contact your program’s academic director.



Goucher College is proud to promote and share the recent news stories and successes of current and former students. To read about the successes of our students, please visit our News section.

If you are interested in submitting a news story as a member of the Goucher College community, you may do so here.


Upcoming Events

Goucher's Graduate Programs host on-campus graduate school fairs and special topic webinars throughout the year. Visit our events page and join us to learn about how our flexible programs can help you get the training you need to advance your career!


Technical Tools & Support

Visit the Student Tutorials and Resources site for links to multiple technology resources, including the Goucher Help Desk, Canvas, Zoom, Portfolium, DegreeWorks, MyGoucher, the Goucher Library, the Introduction to Distance Learning course, academic policies, and more.