Refund Policy

You will receive a refund of your tuition based on when you withdraw from a course.

A partial refund of payments may be made to students who withdraw from courses of their own accord. Any credit balance remaining after these adjustments to the student's account will be refunded. Institutional and federal aid as well as tuition and fees will be adjusted in accordance with the Federal Return of Title IV calculation.  The Title IV calculation is based on the day of attendance as a percentage of total days in the semester up until 60%. For example, if a student drops a class after completing 20% of the semester, the student would be eligible for all but 20% of the tuition (or an 80% refund). After 60% of the semester has been completed, no refunds are awarded.

Refund/Credit Allowed
Before classes begin: 100% refund
Up until 60% of the semester: Prorated refund based on Title IV refund policy
After 60% of the semester: No refund