Program Timeline

Our M.A. in Arts Administration is designed for those who want to work full-time while they complete their degree. Most students complete the 43-credit program in 2-4 years with three years being the most common. The number of credits taken each semester determines how long it takes to complete the program.  Most students enroll in a part-time schedule of 6 credits per Fall and Spring semester.

No two students have the same backgrounds, goals, and needs, but this is an example of a path through the M.A.A.A. program.

First year: 

  • AAD 601: Principles of Arts Administration
  • AAD 610: Leadership and Strategic Thinking
  • AAD 605: Writing and Research Methods for the Arts Administrator
  • AAD 612: Marketing the Arts
  • AAD 611: Financial Management for the Arts

Second Year:

  • AAD 617: Public Policy for the Arts
  • AAD 613: Developing Financial Resources
  • AAD 614: Law and the Arts
  • AAD 619: Cultural Ecosystems
  • Elective

Third Year:

  • AAD 627: International Arts Policy
  • AAD 625: Grantsmanship
  • AAD 650: Independent Studies
  • AAD 651: Major Paper
  • Elective

Electives include:

  • AAD 630: Managing Performing Arts Organizations
  • AAD 631: Managing Visual Arts Organizations
  • AAD 634: Planning and Managing New Ventures/Entrepreneurship in the Arts
  • AAD 635: Topics in Arts Administration
  • AAD 636: Arts in Education
  • AAD 637: Directed Reading in Arts Administration
  • AAD 640: Art and Activism for Social Justice
  • AAD 650: Independent Studies
  • Courses can also be taken in other graduate programs

All M.A.A.A. courses are 3 credits except for Grantsmanship, Topics in Arts Administration, Directed Reading in Arts Administration, and Art and Activism for Social Justice, which are 1.5 credits.

Each year, students have the opportunity to participate in an on-site residency at Goucher College where faculty, students, and guest speakers learn together.

Semester Start Dates

Winter 2022: January 3

Spring 2022: January 31

Summer Residency 2022: July 21-30