M.A.A.A. Curriculum

The Master of Arts in Arts Administration curriculum requires a total of 39 credits for graduation. Of these, 31 credits are earned through required courses, 6 credits through elective courses, and an additional 6 credits through the independent study and major paper courses.

On-Campus Residency

Students accepted into the program will attend two 8-day summer residencies at Goucher in late July/early August. During the first summer, new students will meet with the program director to plan their preliminary course of study. They will also take AAD 601: Principles of Arts Administration during their time on campus. In addition, students will meet with the faculty for the other courses they will be taking online during the academic year. Training in the use of technology for distance learning will be provided.

During each subsequent summer residency, students will meet with the program director to refine their course of study and to develop plans for their independent study and major paper. In subsequent summers, second-year students start AAD 617: Public Policy for the Arts and during the third-year AAD 627: International Arts Policy. Students return to campus briefly in a fourth summer to present their major papers and to participate in a graduation celebration.

The 2022 Summer Residency will take place from July 21 to 30.

Off-Campus Requirements

Faculty maintain regular contact with students throughout the semester. Most classes are held live via Zoom. Additionally, there may be individual discussions by e-mail, phone, or online conferencing. Typically, regular communication between faculty and students will be weekly.

Students are responsible for maintaining contact with instructors and with program administration during the semester.  E-mail will be the preferred method of contact, and instructors assume that students check e-mail daily.  Courses are designed to be completed during the 14-week fall or spring semester. Students will be provided with a detailed syllabus and lesson plan for each course. 

Students can expect each course to require an average of 6-7 hours weekly in required reading, writing, and research assignments. Most online courses include weekly meetings at a time set by each instructor based on students' schedules. These meetings take place during the evenings.

“Sometimes folks ask me how I got my legs under me as an arts administrator, audience builder, and now, small business owner. The answer is that I owe so much to the knowledge, generosity, and wisdom of those who taught me in the M.A. in Arts Administration. I draw from what I learned and the instincts I honed every day as I work with clients.”

Sara Leonard

M.A.A.A., Class of 2012