Frequently Asked Questions

How does your low-residency program work?

Goucher's M.A.A.A. program is designed for working professionals. Students and faculty gather for a low-residency each summer, and both fall and spring semesters involve focused, small classes via distance learning. The low-residency is designed so that students attend classes and participate in other on-campus events for two weeks during late July/early August. Students attend the residency for three summers, with graduating students returning the fourth summer to defend their major papers and participate in Commencement. 

Where can I stay during the residency?

Students are responsible for their own housing during residency. Lunch and dinner will be provided in the dining hall as part of the room and board fee. The campus also offers a variety of amenities including a gym, swimming pool, and hiking trail. The campus is also an easy walk to restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and movie theaters.

What kind of equipment will I need for the distance learning program? 

See our Technology Requirements page for full information. If possible, students should plan to bring their laptops to campus during the summer.

Technology Requirements

How long will it take to get my degree?

Most students take three years to complete the required forty-three credit hours in order to graduate. Nine of these credits will be earned from the courses begun during the three summer residencies. Twenty-eight additional credits are earned through classes taken during the fall and spring semesters via distance learning. The remaining six credits are earned through an independent study and major paper. Students must take at least one course per semester and have a maximum of five years in which to complete all requirements. Most students are also working full time in the arts field while enrolled in the M.A.A.A. program. 

Who are the faculty and how large are the individual classes?

The Goucher faculty are distinguished leaders in the field of arts administration from all over the country. They bring a depth of experience that is invaluable to students. All faculty members in the M.A.A.A. program are currently working in the field of arts administration so their information is practical and current. The small size of the online courses allows faculty members to give each person the close personal attention that the Goucher program offers. 

M.A.A.A. Faculty

How much does the program cost? Is there any financial Aid?

Please, see our Tuition & Financial Aid page. Goucher M.A.A.A. students are eligible to apply for federal student loans, outside grants, and scholarships.  

Tuition and Financial Aid

What qualifications do I need for the M.A.A.A. program and how do I apply?

Admission to the program is granted to selected applicants whose academic and professional qualifications give promise of success in self-directed graduate study. The applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and have a minimum of two years paid or volunteer post-baccalaureate work experience. Students who are citizens of or in residence in other countries must have the ability to function successfully in English. For complete information on the application procedure, visit our application page. 

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Can I begin the program in the middle of the school year, without attending the summer residency? 

Although students typically begin the program at the summer residency, our flexibility allows students to also begin in the fall or spring semesters.