On-Campus Residency Requirements

Students accepted into the program will attend  three two-week summer residencies at Goucher in late July/early August.   During the first summer, new students will meet with the program director to plan their preliminary course of study. They will also take AAD 601, Principles of Art ADministration, during their time on campus. In addition, students will meet with the faculty for the other courses they will be taking online during the academic year. Training in the use of technology for distance learning will be provided. 

During each subsequent summer residency, students will meet with the program director to refine their course of study and to develop a plan for the internship and for the major paper.   In subsequent summers, second-year students start AAD 617, Public Policy for the Arts, and during the third-year AAD 627, International Arts Policy. Students return to campus briefly in a fourth summer to participate in Commencement.