Off-Campus Requirements

Faculty maintain regular contact with students throughout the semester. Most classes are held live. Additionally, there may be individual discussions by e-mail, phone, or online conferencing. Typically, regular communication between faculty and students will be weekly. 

Students are responsible for maintaining contact with instructors and with program administration during the semester.  E-mail will be the preferred method of contact, and instructors assume that students check e-mail daily.  Some courses listed as fall offerings begin during the summer residencies, as explained above.  All other courses are designed to be completed during the 14-week fall or spring semester. Students will be provided with a detailed syllabus and lesson plan for each course. 

Students can expect each course to require an average of 6-7 hours weekly in required reading, writing, and research assignments. Most online courses include weekly meetings at a time set by each instructor based on students' schedules. These meetings take place during the evenings.