Frequently Asked Questions

Where would I go if I need help with time management, organization, decision making, study skills, and staying on track?

ACE is staffed by professional Academic Coaches, Success Advisors, and trained Peer Coaches. You can make an appointment to meet with them. They will guide and help you with time management, organizational skills, decision making, reading and writing strategies, effective studying strategies, and avoiding procrastination.

Does ACE offer programs/workshops?

Yes. ACE offers academic success workshops throughout the semester on a variety of topics.  These workshops are 30-60 minutes in length.  Some of the topics covered during these workshops are:

  • Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination
  • Brain-Based Study Strategies
  • Managing Test Anxiety
  • The Art and Science of Notetaking
  • Time Management

Where would I go if I need academic support for one of my classes?

If you need help in one of your classes, your professors are there to help you and are available to answer any questions you may have about their class. You can schedule an appointment with them (look on your syllabus to see how you should schedule an appointment), or you could stop by their office hours (look at your syllabus to see when your professor has office hours).

In addition to your professors and the services of ACE, Goucher also offers:

Do I have to pay extra to use ACE services?

No. ACE services are free of any additional charge.

What are the operating hours of ACE?

ACE is open Monday-Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Where is ACE located?

ACE is located on the 2nd floor of Julia Rogers (room 233).

How can I make an appointment?

  • To make an appointment with your Success Advisor, one of the Academic Coaches, or one of the Peer Coaches you should use Navigate
  • To make an appointment with the Coordinator of Accessibility Services, please contact

If I need Accessibility Services, what do I do & where do I go?

Visit the Accessibility Services website for more information or email

Can I take my tests at ACE?

Yes, but only if you have documentation and accommodations for testing on file with Goucher's Office of Accessibility Services.  Additional information about the Office of Accessibility's testing policy can be found on their site.