ACE: Academic Success Coaching


Academic success coaching is one-on-one student interaction with a professional Academic Coach or Success Advisor. The aim of the coaching sessions is to help students recognize and achieve their academic goals and reach self-efficacy in a safe space.

Topics covered during an academic success coaching session

ACE's coaches work with each student to assist the student in identifying their goals for the session.  Some of the topics covered during a coaching session include:

  • Learn and use effective study strategies
  • Create effective time management plans and organizational systems
  • Enhance and apply critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Take responsibility and ownership for their learning
  • Develop self-awareness and autonomy
  • Promote positive habits of mind
  • Practice resilience and coping skills

Peer Coaches

Peer Coaches are students who are carefully selected and trained to work with their peers providing advising and educational assistance and resources in a way that fellow students may better grasp in order to boost academic performance and enhance their overall wellbeing.

Peer Coaches assist students with the following:

  • Effectively manage their time and have a successful academic and social life balance.
  • Develop effective study skills techniques to enhance students' academic performance.
  • Locate and understand the importance of utilizing resources on campus.
  • Encourage individual growth by helping students be independent and critical thinkers.

Academic Success Workshops

In addition to individual coaching sessions, ACE offers academic success workshops throughout the semester on various topics.  These workshops are 30-60 minutes in length.  Some of the topics covered during these workshops are:

  • Reading your syllabi and using Canvas
  • Understanding & Overcoming Procrastination
  • Brain-Based Study Strategies
  • Managing Test Anxiety
  • The Art and Science of Notetaking
  • Time Management

Request an Appointment

Appointments can be scheduled through Navigate.

First-Year students, Sophomores, and Juniors may schedule an academic coaching session with either their success advisor or one of our peer coaches.

Seniors may schedule an academic coaching session with one of our professional academic coaches or our peer coaches.