Important Terms to Know

At some point, you may hear a word or term that you are not familiar with in regards to ACE.  Refer to this short glossary for words and terms commonly used. 

Canvas: an academic platform where you access course documents, such as syllabi and assignments, and grades for courses.

Degree Works: a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion.

Faculty Office Hours: scheduled time outside of class faculty set aside to meet with students.

myGoucher: a web-based, private portal that allows students to register for classes, access class schedules, view grades and unofficial transcripts, view course history, find courses, and more.

Navigate: an academic platform where you schedule appointments with your Success Coach and view resources available to students.

Syllabus: an outline and overview of course topics, assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and other graded work for a specific course. On a syllabus, professors share attendance policies, office hours, and their grading system.