Student Counseling Center Services

Psychoeducation and Outreach

  • Campus-wide campaigns on emotional wellness
  • Topic-specific psychoeducational workshops
  • Trainings for student leaders and nonclinical faculty and staff
  • Targeted, short-term group interventions

Direct Student Services

Services We Provide

The Student Counseling Center offers free, confidential, short-term counseling to full-time undergraduates actively taking classes as well as students enrolled in the post-bac pre-med program at Goucher College.

Services We Do Not Provide

The Student Counseling Center does not provide educational assessments; assessments and documentation for emotional support animals or service animals; one-time assessments for accommodations or study abroad evaluations; or long-term psychotherapy, therapy occurring more than one time per week, or therapy for disorders that warrant specialized treatment, or co-current therapy when there is a current, established off-campus provider.


It is recommended that current and prospective students in need of ongoing, long-term mental health support (including psychiatric medications) familiarize themselves with their insurance benefits, particularly with regards to authorization of ongoing mental health services in the state of Maryland. A list of off-campus providers can be found in the Community Mental Health Resources (PDF) document.