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Emergencies and Crises

For emergencies and crises, please follow the instructions posted on the Student Counseling Center page.

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For those unable to wait, call 855-236-4278 for immediate phone support by a licensed mental health clinician.


Making an Appointment

To make an appointment call 410-337-6481or complete the Appointment Request form. You will be contacted shortly thereafter by a staff member to have a conversation about your clinical needs and verify your current location.

What Happens During Your First Appointment?

The goal of the first session is to figure out what is going on in the "here and now" and develop a treatment plan best suited for the individual student. For those who can benefit from a short-term treatment model, follow-up sessions will be scheduled with one of our center's mental health clinicians. When specialized, intensive, or long-term treatment is indicated, referrals will be made to licensed counselors in the Towson area.

Community Mental Health Services

It is recommended that current and prospective students in need of ongoing, long-term mental health support (including psychiatric medications) familiarize themselves with their insurance benefits, particularly with regards to authorization of ongoing mental health services in the state of Maryland. A list of off-campus providers can be found in the Community Mental Health Resources document.