Community Referral Support

In addition to short-term psychotherapy, the Student Counseling Center offers support to students in need of assistance connecting with off-campus mental health professionals for long-term or specialized mental health services.

To connect with a community mental health professional, students may choose to access The Shrink Space ( or request an appointment with the clinical case manager.

It is recommended that current and prospective students in need of ongoing, long-term mental health support (including psychiatric medications) familiarize themselves with their insurance benefits, particularly with regards to authorization of ongoing mental health services in the state of Maryland.

The Shrink Space

Connect with local providers via Goucher's tailored online directory. Students are able to customize searches, view the profiles of therapists, and send messages through the website.

  1. Visit The Shrink Space: Sign Up
  2. Select "Student"and create a username & password
  3. Agree to "Terms and Agreement" and click "Sign Up"
  4. Follow the link in the confirmation email


Request an Appointment with the Clinical Case Manager

Speak with the Clinical Case Manager about your specific mental health needs, potential barriers to accessing counseling, clinicians who may be a good fit, and connecting with other campus resources.

  1. Submit an appointment request
  2. Staff from the Student Counseling Center will call you to schedule an a "Referral Support" meeting