Psychology Alumnae/i Profiles

Katia Callan

Katia Callan '04
Psychology and Religion Major
Owner/Psychotherapist, Insight Wellness of Maryland

“My only advice is that if you have not developed a relationship with one of the amazing professors standing in front of you, do it-- the experiences you have with them will be with you for a lifetime.”

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Emily Carson

Emily Carlson '15
Psychology Major, Art History Minor
PH.D. Student American University, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

“The diverse range of courses taught me a lot and helped me to identify my interests within psychology early on. The department also had great research opportunities in several areas of psychology.”

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Sabrina Jiminez

Sabrina Jiminez '17
Psychology and French Major
Fulbright Scholar
Masters Program in Clinical Psychology and Integrative Psychopathology, University of Paris Descartes

“Goucher psychology courses made me reflect upon and question the intersection of psychology and society in ways I didn’t in other courses and that I haven’t in graduate school.”

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Shari Kim '98
Psychology Major
Co-Founder and CEO Susquehanna Valley Community Mental Health Services

“Your career path often does not look like you had expected it to look; life has a way of steering you in other directions. Don’t be afraid to try new things and to say yes to new challenges. You might end up in an exciting and meaningful place!”

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Jessica Leffers

Jessica Leffers '16
Psychology Major, Education and Cognitive Studies Minor
Ph.D. Student, Cognition Program, Northeastern University

“From the broad selection of courses to choose from to the supportive and knowledgeable professors, the Psychology Department played a vital role in helping me get to where I am now.”

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Kyle Levy

Kyle Levy '17
Psychology Major, Spanish Minor
M.A. Student,
Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

“These experiences have enabled me to work on parts of myself I wanted to change and did change, which empowers me to help clients to do the same.”

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Randi Nehls

Randi Nehls '17
Psychology Major
Accepted Graduate Student, Forensic and Law Psychology, Marymount University

“Learning to be a critical thinker is by far the most valuable skill I learned from Goucher because it translates into all facets of life.”

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Aislyn Rose

Aislyn Rose, M.A. '10
Psychology Major
European Master’s in Clinical Linguistics

“The courses at Goucher that helped me the most are those that allowed me to be a part of the scientific process from the conception of the research question to the presentation of the poster/paper to a classroom or conference.”

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Abby Sickles

Abby Sickles '16
Psychology Major
Medical Patient Advocacy Non-Profit

“I encourage you to find volunteer opportunities and ways to continue your passions and give back in your local community.”

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Jonathan Susser

Jonathan Susser '11
Psychology Major, Spanish Minor
Technical Writer & Editor

“I immersed myself in the entire research process, from study design to publication. This opportunity translated very well to graduate school and was excellent preparation.”

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India Daley Weaver

India Daley Weaver ‘10
Psychology Major
Assistant Director of Admissions, Capital Community College

“My advisor was nothing short of amazing, serving as a mentor, a friend, and, a strong source of support.”

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Emily (Emmy) Wyckoff, M.S. ‘14
Psychology Major
Ph.D. Student,Department of Psychological Sciences, Clinical Division University of Connecticut Weight Management Research Group & CT Institute for the Brain and Cognitive Sciences

“Goucher’s Psychology faculty are eager to help and mentor motivated students, which made it possible to meaningfully participate in every stage of the research process and find a passion for research.”

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