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One of the great things about an undergraduate degree in psychology is the diversity of options available upon graduation.

Graduate & Professional Programs 

Graduates of Goucher College's psychology program attend a variety of graduate and professional programs, at the master’s and doctoral level. With about 1/3 of our graduates entering a graduate or professional program immediately following their Goucher graduation, and about 1/3 entering a program within 5 years of graduating, our students’ Goucher experiences – in and with psychology, and in and outside the classroom – help prepare them for rigorous and meaningful post-graduate work. Take a look at specific graduate and professional programs our students have attended. 


Goucher psychology alums go on to work in a variety of fields. In fact, the Goucher psychology program was recently recognized for being #1 in the state of Maryland, and #9 in the country, for graduates getting jobs in and related to psychology. It is inspiring to consider the many career paths an undergraduate degree in psychology can open for you. Take a look at some of the careers our students have pursued.

Alum Profiles

We are incredibly proud of our psychology program alums. Recently we invited several alums to contribute narratives about their career paths, impactful experiences at Goucher, and advice for current students. View profiles of some of our many impressive alums.

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Alumni ProfileChevron iconKyle Levy '17

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Kyle Levy '17

“These experiences have enabled me to work on parts of myself I wanted to change and did change, which empowers me to help clients to do the same”

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