Incomplete Grade Procedures


A semester officially ends at the close of the examination period. No course work will be accepted by a faculty member after this time unless an incomplete grade request has been submitted by the student and approved by the instructor by the last day of class.

Incomplete grades at Goucher College are given only for reasons beyond the student’s control, namely medical reasons, or a death in the family. In all instances, the student must complete the process for an incomplete by 5:00pm on the last day of classes of the term in which the course was taught. Incomplete grades are intended to apply to cases where the student has completed at least three-quarters (75%) of the work of the session with a C- or above. The instructor has the right to deny an application for an incomplete grade.

Students applying for an incomplete after the deadline due to an emergency must submit a petition. The Associate Provost will determine, in conversation with the instructor of the class, the eligibility of the application. All requests will be reviewed but may not be granted.


Resolution of Incompletes

The resolution of an incomplete is the responsibility of the student and the instructor. The student should have all work completed as soon as possible but no later than fourth weeks from the last day of the final experience of the term in which the course was taught. The student should submit papers, projects, and examinations directly to the instructor. The instructor shall send a grade to the Registrar´s Office via email at the end of the fourth week following the final experience (see Important Dates for Faculty on the Registrar's website).