Academic Honor Code

At Goucher College, we honor freedom of expression, inquiry, and action. In return, we expect consideration of others, academic integrity, and a commitment to the value of truth. The tradition of freedom with responsibility at Goucher is fundamental to the ideals to which the life and work of the college are dedicated. The courage to challenge, the praise for honesty and effort, and the appreciation for commitment or involvement make our community open to truth and knowledge rather than to ignorance and misunderstanding. These same principles are relevant when we interact with the nonacademic world. It is important for each of us to be thoroughly familiar with the principles and procedures of the Academic Honor Code, which obliges each member of the Goucher community.

Faculty members are honor bound to report any suspicion of an academic honor code violation to Please provide (1) description of the suspected violation/incident; (2) course syllabus and (3) additional documentation such as materials highlighting relevant sections.

Download the Academic Honor Code:

Academic Honor Code (PDF)