Faculty Achievement

Goucher faculty have a well-earned reputation as great teachers and mentors, but they are also incredibly active in scholarship and creative endeavors. Below you will find a list of just some of the 2023 publications, presentations, performances, and exhibits from our talented faculty.

Awards, Grants & Fellowships

Bozic, Sonja, and Weiner Jonathan. 2023. "Chocolate Milk", Production Grant, Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund in Film and Media, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD..

Poliakoff-Chen, Phaye. 2023. Creativity Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) to design and install a public mosaic mural outside of Earl's Place, the transitional housing facility for homeless men downtown Baltimore.

Thompson, Pamela. 2023. “Transhumance: Land sovereignty, Yezidis and the Wool Industry.” Artist residency at Acoss in Armenia. 


Duncan, Ann W. 2023. Sacred Pregnancy: Birth, Motherhood and the Quest for Spiritual Community. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress.

Hwang, Julie Chernov. 2023. Becoming Jihadis: Radicalization and Commitment in Southeast Asia. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Ingram, Mark and Kathryn Kleppinger, eds. 2023. The Marseille Mosaic. A Mediterranean City at the Crossroads of Cultures. New York, NY: Berghahn Books.

Pinsker, Sarah. 2023. Lost Places. Easthampton, MA: Small Beer Press.


Chesler, Aaron, Dominic Winski, Karl Kreutz, Bess Koffman, Erich Osterberg, David Ferris, Zayta Thundercloud et al. 2023. “Non-Spherical Microparticle Shape in Antarctica During the Last Glacial Period Affects Dust Volume-Related Metrics.” Climate of the Past 19(2):477-492.

Dickason, Cara. 2023. “Consensual Sexual Selfies: Everyday Exposure in Teen Girl Media.” Feminist Media Studies: 1-15.

McCabe, Jennifer, Ceili S. Banasik, Morgan G. Jackson, Emily M. Postlethwait, Alexander Steitz, and Audrey R. Wenzel. 2023. “Exploring Perceptions of Cognitive Load and Mental Fatigue in Pandemic-Era Zoom Classes.” Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology.

Book Chapters

Ingram, Mark, and Kathryn Kleppinger. 2023. “Introduction: The Marseille Mosaic.” Pp. 1-26 in The Marseille Mosaic: A Mediterranean City at the Crossroads of Cultures, edited by Mark Ingram and Kathryn Kleppinger. New York, NY: Berghahn Books.

Ingram, Mark, and Rebecca Free. 2023. “‘Publicizing Urban Space’: The Outreach Work of Marseillais Theatres hors les murs.” Pp. 250-71 in The Marseille Mosaic. A Mediterranean City at the Crossroads of Cultures, edited by Mark Ingram and Kathryn Kleppinger. New York, NY: Berghahn Books.

Marcus, Daniel, and Oliver Vodeb. 2023. “Capitalism’s Addictions: Design and the Displacement of Intimacy.” Pp. 131-49 in Radical Intimacies: Designing Non-Extractive Relationalities, edited by Oliver Vodeb. Bristol: Intellect.

Mullaney, Jamie L., and Elaine Meyer-Lee. 2023. “Department Chair Development and Mentoring.” Pp. 289-97 in Resource Handbook for Academic Deans: The Essential Guide for College and University Leaders, 4th ed., edited by Andrew Adams. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Oweidat, Lana. 2023. “Letter from Omar bin Al-Khattab to Abu Musa Al-Ash'ari.” Pp. 7-16 in Global Rhetorical Traditions, edited by Hui Wu and Tarez Samra Graban. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press.

Choreography, Performances, Exhibits & Designs

Mion, Todd. 2023. Sound design for Dead Man's Cell Phone, Fells Point Corner Theatre, directed by Kimberley Lynne.

Conference Presentations & Posters

Lane, Morgan R., Natalie A. van Breukelen, and Nicholas Santangelo. 2023. “Natural Pair Distribution Predicts Convict Cichlid Parental Defense Towards Other Parental Pairs.” Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Conference. Austin, TX.

Lindsey, Finley, Will Frasier, and Natalie A. van Breukelen. 2023. “Daily Changes in Male Pupfish Territorial & Spawning Behavior.” Animal Behavior Society Twitter Conference. #AnimBehav2023.

McCabe, Jennifer A., Vanessa A. Cisse, Jessica A. DeKoven, Sierra J. Hausthor, Mariah S. Lees, Belle D. St. Jean, Molly M. Stuart, Mikaela Bichler, Alexander Steitz, and Emily R. Waskow. 2023. “Getting Warmer: Syllabus Tone Impacts Student Perceptions of a College Course.” Eastern Psychological Association Conference. Boston, MA. March 4.

Oweidat, Lana, Cruz Medina, Ruth Osorio, Patti Poblete, Brooke Schreiber, Shawna Shapiro, Lan Wang-Hiles, and Sharon Yam. 2023. “Cross-Caucus/SIG Roundtable on Coalitional and Collaborative Work.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Chicago, IL. February 16.

Oweidat, Lana, Rasha Diab, Nabila Hijazi, Tamara Issak, and Soha Youssef. 2023. “Arab/Muslim Caucus Roundtable on Disrupting Silences and Promoting Inclusive Pedagogical Interventions.” Conference on College Composition and Communication. Chicago, IL. February 16.

Schwarz, Carolyn. 2023. “Faith in Medicine: Caring for Patients as Persons in Free and Low-Cost Christian-Based Clinics.” The Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting. Cincinnati, OH. March 30.

Newspapers, Magazines, Interviews & Blogs

Reilley, Megan. 2023. “At Dawn.” Five Minute Lit.

Wells, Juliette. 2023. “Austen Mondays.” Pride and Prejudice discussion series, Rosenbach Library, Philadelphia (virtual). January 3.

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