Faculty Achievement

Goucher faculty have a well-earned reputation as great teachers and mentors, but they are also incredibly active in scholarship and creative endeavors. Below you will find a list of just some of the recent publications, presentations, performances, and exhibits from our talented faculty.

Awards, Grants & Fellowships

Dawley, Evan. 2022. Chun and Jane Chiu Family Foundation Project Grant to support a workshop for the further development of the Primary Sources on Taiwan documentary translation project.

Hopper, Ailish. 2022. Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) Individual Arts Award.

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) Individual Arts Award.

Moulton, Katie. 2022. Mid-Atlantic Arts Fellowship to literary artist residency at Virginia Center for Creative Arts.


Noble, Randon Billings.  2021.  A Harp in the Stars: An Anthology of Lyric Essays.  Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press.


Asche, Frank, Taryn Garlock, Jordi Guillen, Ganesh Kumar, Ignacio Llorente, and Gina Shamshak. 2022. “Market Opportunities for U.S. Aquaculture Producers: The Case of Branzino.” Marine Resource Economics 37(2).

Baron, Robert. 2021. "Cultural Brokerage Revisited."  Journal of Folklore Research 58(2):63-104.

Baron, Robert. 2021. "Theorizing Practice and Practicing Practice – Public Folklore in US Higher Education." Slovenský národopis/Slovak Ethnology 69(4):552–69.

Friedman-Wheeler, Dara G., Zachary A. Reese, Jennifer A. McCabe, Christina M. Yarrish, Sushma Chapagain, Alix M. Scherer, Kari M. DeVault, Christina Hoffmann, Leena J. Mazid, Reilly N. Weinstein, Juliet Daisy Mitchell, and Michaela Finley. 2021. "Mindfulness Meditation Intervention in the College Classroom: Mindful Awareness, Working Memory, Content Retention, and Elaboration." Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Psychology. Advance online publication.

Oettinger, April.  2020. "Rhetorical Ornament and Animated Visions: Lorenzo Lotto and the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili." Humanistica: An International Journal of Early Renaissance Studies 15(1-2):247-66.

Viora, Angela, Al Evangelista, Sonia York-Pryce, Claire Vionnet, André Dramé, W. Donnie Scally, and Alen Agaronov. 2021. "Six Illuminated Videos." Journal of Embodied Research 4(2):2 (31:25).

Wakeman, Wren, Alyssa Long, Anne M. Estes, and Anna K.S. Jozwick. 2021. "Zebrafish,Danio Rerio, Skin Mucus Harbors a Distinct Bacterial Community Dominated by Actinobacteria." Zebrafish 18(6):354-62.

Wells, Juliette. 2021. "The Artist and the Austen Collector." Persuasions On-Line 42(1).

Book Chapter

Dawley, Evan. 2021. “Taiwan in Transformation: The Japanese Colonial Era.” Pp. 50-73 in Assessing the Landscape: Taiwan and Korean Studies in Comparison, edited by Niki J.P. Alsford, Sojin Lim, and J. Bruce Jacobs. Leiden: Brill.

Martin, Florence. 2021. “The Daring Lyrics of Women Music Documentary Filmmakers in the Maghreb.”  Pp. 329-344 in Documentary Filmmaking in the Middle East and North Africa, edited by Viola Shafik. Cairo: American University of Cairo Press.

Oettinger, April. 2022. "Ekphrasis and the Romance of Botany in the Age of Pietro Andrea Mattioli." Pp. 741-766 in Ekphrastic Image-Making in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700, edited by Arthur J. DiFuria and Walter S. Melion.  Leiden: Brill.

Wells, Juliette. 2021. "Race, Privilege, and Relatability: A Practical Guide for College and Secondary Instructors." Pp. 547-58 in The Routledge Companion to Jane Austen, edited by Cheryl A. Wilson and Maria H. Frawley. New York, NY: Routledge.

Choreography, Performances, Exhibits & Designs

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. "Night Heron." American Poetry Review 51(2).

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. "Shoulder Season." American Poetry Review 51(2).

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. "Tester." American Poetry Review 51(2).

Conference Presentations & Posters

Bock, Margaret, Benjamin Blemings, Alexandre Scarcioffolo. 2021. "Hoggin' the Road: Negative Externalities of Pork Slaughterhouses." North American Regional Science Association Conference. Denver, CO. November 10-13.

Matsue, Jennifer Milioto, Mariko Anno, Kiku Day, and W. Donnie Scally. 2021. "Embodied Sound and the Transmission of Japanese Performing Arts." Society for Ethnomusicology. (Virtual) October 28.

Wells, Juliette. 2021. "The Artist and the Austen Collector." Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting. Chicago, IL. October 15.

Wells, Juliette, and Kristen Welzenbach. 2021. "Exploring Austen and the Arts in the Jane Austen Collection at Goucher College.  Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting. Chicago, IL. October 16.

Wells, Juliette. 2021. "Jane Austen in Translation." Jane Austen in the Pan-Pacific symposium. Jane Austen Society of North America Southwest Region, November 13.

Wells, Juliette. 2021. "Looking at Emma Woodhouse with 21st-Century Eyes." Jane Austen Society of North America Nebraska Region. Omaha, NE. December 11.

Newspapers, Magazines, Interviews & Blogs

Dawley, Evan. 2021. “Was Taiwan Ever Really a Part of China?.” The Diplomat. https://thediplomat.com/2021/06/was-taiwan-ever-really-a-part-of-china/.

Dawley, Evan. 2021. “A Celebrity Apology and the Reality of Taiwan.” History News Network. http://historynewsnetwork.org/article/180486


Dawley, Evan. 2021. “Sacred Geographies of Urban Colonial Taiwan: Jilong’s Geography in Transformation.” In Bodies & Structures 2.0: Deep-Mapping Modern East Asian History, edited David Ambaras and Kate McDonald, https://scalar.chass.ncsu.edu/bodies-and-structures-2/index

Dawley, Evan and Wayne Soon. 2021. Primary Sources on Taiwan. https://taiwanprimarysources.com/ 

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