Center for the Advancement of Scholarship & Teaching (CAST)

What We Do

CAST creates spaces for faculty to come together and critically reflect on their existing teaching practices while also exploring new pedagogical approaches. Through a variety of faculty programming opportunities, we foster a culture of intentional and meaningful teaching that empowers all Goucher students to wrestle with complex ideas and problems, build upon their own unique sources of knowledge, and have transformational educational experiences. CAST is also proud to support and celebrate the scholarly and creative work of Goucher faculty.

We champion the use of critical, inclusive, and accessible pedagogies that encourage faculty to examine the power dynamics, structures, cultural contexts, and assumptions that underlie their courses. These tools help to embody Goucher’s commitment to social justice and global education not just in the subject matter of the classes we offer, but also in their form and structure.


Programs & Services

We do our work through a variety of faculty programming that ranges from one-on-one consultations, to small group conversations and workshops, to college-wide events that bring the entire Goucher faculty together.

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