Faculty Achievement 2022

Goucher faculty have a well-earned reputation as great teachers and mentors, but they are also incredibly active in scholarship and creative endeavors. Below you will find a list of just some of the recent publications, presentations, performances, and exhibits from our talented faculty.

Awards, Grants & Fellowships

Ahmed-Schofield, Ruquia. 2022. Maryland Chapter of the American Chemical Society grant to support the Chemistry Department’s STEM Ecosystem Tutoring Program.

Contreras, Jazmine. 2022. Junior Fellowship. NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Cottle, Katherine. 2022. “The Homestead Steel Strike and the Growth of America as an Industrial Power--Utilizing Primary Sources in the Classroom.” NEH Summer Scholar Grant.

Bozic, Sonja, 2022, The Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund Fellow, John Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.

van Breukelen, Natalie. 2022. “Exploring Reproductive Behavior in Texas Cichlids using Novel Field Methods.” Western North American Naturalist.

Fratto, Catherine, Lynn Kawaratani, and Evan Dawley. 2022. “Centering Taiwan in Global Asia: A K-14 Curriculum Resource about Taiwan.” Honorable Mention, Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for Curricular Materials from the Association of Asian Studies.

Dawley, Evan. 2022. Chun and Jane Chiu Family Foundation Project Grant to support a workshop for the further development of the Primary Sources on Taiwan documentary translation project.

Hopper, Ailish. 2022. Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) Individual Arts Award.

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) Individual Arts Award.

Moulton, Katie. 2022. Mid-Atlantic Arts Fellowship to literary artist residency at Virginia Center for Creative Arts.

Pinsker, Sarah. 2022. “Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather.” Hugo Award for Achievement in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Best Short Story.

Poliakoff-Chen, Phaye. 2022. Visiting Artist Residency. 18th Street Arts Center. Los Angeles.


Kimball, Danny. 2022. Net Neutrality and the Battle for the Open Internet. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.

Kromer, Mileah K. 2022. Blue-State Republication: How Larry Hogan Won where Republicans Lose and Lessons for a Future GOP. Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press.


van Breukelen, Natalie A. 2022. "Examining Parental Defense and Offspring Behavior in the Bi-Parental Convict Cichlid: Using Field Research to Increase Student Understanding, Appreciation, and Application of Scientific Research Methods." Buntbarsche Bulletin: Journal of the American Cichlid Association 314: 28-33.

Cottle, Katherine. Summer 2022. "The ‘Golden Era’ of 3-D Creature Features: Luring Humans Back to the Movie Theater with Interactive Fear." Horror Homeroom 6: 59-67.

Cottle, Katherine. 2022. "The Fast and The Furious: The Role of Family in Respectable Work." Contemporaries at Post45: "The Art of (Drag) Racing" cluster. Online.

Ingram, Mark. 2022. “Seeking an Intersectional ‘Convergence des Luttes’ in the Occupied Theaters of Marseille.” CFC Intersections 1(1):101-118.

Asche, Frank, Taryn Garlock, Jordi Guillen, Ganesh Kumar, Ignacio Llorente, and Gina Shamshak. 2022. “Market Opportunities for U.S. Aquaculture Producers: The Case of Branzino.” Marine Resource Economics 37(2).

Book Chapters

Oettinger, April. 2022. "Ekphrasis and the Romance of Botany in the Age of Pietro Andrea Mattioli." Pp. 741-766 in Ekphrastic Image-Making in Early Modern Europe, 1500-1700, edited by Arthur J. DiFuria and Walter S. Melion.  Leiden: Brill.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "Afterword: Sex, Romance, and Representation in Uzma Jalaluddin's Ayesha at Last." Pp. 243-52 in Jane Austen, Sex, and Romance: Engaging Desire in the Novels and Beyond, edited by Nora Nachumi and Stephanie Oppenheim. Rochester, NY: University of Rochester Press.

Book Reviews

Duncan, Ann W. 2022. The Universe Is on Our Side: Restoring Faith in American Public Life. By Bruce Ledewitz. Journal of Church and State, csac060. 

Duncan, Ann W. 2022. Review of Teaching Moral Sex: Religion and Sex Education in the United States by Kristy L. Slominski. Reading Religion.

Choreography, Performances, Exhibits & Designs

Ahearn, Elizabeth and Rick Delaney. 2022. The Smallest Perfect Number. Baltimore, MD. May.

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. "Night Heron." American Poetry Review 51(2).

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. "Shoulder Season." American Poetry Review 51(2).

Kunz, Edgar. 2022. "Tester." American Poetry Review 51(2).

Mion, Todd. 2022. Lighting design for The Tempest, Door Shakespeare Company, directed by Todd Denning.

Mion, Todd. 2022. Lighting design for The Three Musketeers, Door Shakespeare Company, directed by Marcella Kearns.

Conference Presentations & Posters

Ahearn, Elizabeth. 2022. "Pilates and Its Relevance in Somatic Dance Education: Discussion and Application.” 8th annual Somatic Dance Conference & Performance Festival. Geneva, NY. July 2022.

Bozic, Sonja and Weiner, Jonathan. 2022. “Chocolate Milk.” Stereopsia Europe - The Immersion Forum. Brussels, Belgium. October 18.

Dawley, Evan. 2022. “U.S.-Taiwan Next Generation Working Group.” UC Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies. Berkeley, CA.

Harder, William L. 2022. “Faculties in Conversation: An Argument for Cross-Institutional Faculty Development.” POD Network Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA. November 17.

Harder, William L. and Jamie L. Mullaney. 2022. “Student Perceptions and Experiences of Study Abroad Disruption During COVID-19.” Morgan State University School of Education and Urban Studies Research Series (session: Critical Perspectives on Student Mobility and International Faculty in Higher Education). Baltimore, MD. April 20.

Ingram, Mark. 2022. “Reconfiguring urban landscapes in Marseille through arts-centered environmental activism.” American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. November 9-13.

Martin, Florence. 2022. “Arab Women’s Transnational Film on ‘the Move’: Kaouther Ben Hania’s Man Who Sold His Skin (2021).” MESA. Denver, CO.

Mullaney, Jamie L. 2022. “Focusing, Balancing, and Just Not Doing It: Lessons from Cognitive Sociology.” Toward a Concept-Driven Sociology: A Symposium in Honor of Eviatar Zerubavel. New Brunswick, NJ. April 22.

Mullaney, Jamie L., Elaine Meyer-Lee, Jennifer Keys, and Kristin Geraty. 2022. “From Surviving to Thriving: A Holistic Approach to Mentoring Department Chairs.” American Conference of Academic Deans (ACAD). St. Petersburg, FL. February 25.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "The Extraordinary Reading Journals of Charles Beecher Hogan, Austen Collector and Scholar."  Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing annual conference. Amsterdam, Netherlands. July 14.

Wells, Juliette, and Grace Fischbach '22. 2022. "Sense and Sensibility As You've Never Seen It Before." Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting. Victoria, Canada. September 29.

Newspapers, Magazines, Interviews & Blogs

Contreras, Jazmine and Nicolaas P. Barr. 2022. "Russia, the Dutch Far Right, and the Politics of World War II Remembrance," The New Fascism Syllabus. 

Reilley, Megan. 2022. "Weeding the Garden Makes Me Angry." 3Cents Magazine. 1(4).

Reilley, Megan, and Rappahannock Review Nonfiction Editors. 2022. “Contributor Spotlight: Interview with Megan Reilley.” Rappahannock Review 10(1).

Reilley, Megan. 2022. “A Good Dream, Almost.” Rappahannock Review 10(1).

van Breukelen, Natalie A. 2022. “Examining Parental Defense and Offspring Behavior in the Bi-Parental Convict Cichlid: Using Field Research to Increase Student Understanding, Appreciation, and Application of Scientific Research Methods.” Buntbarsche Bulletin 314.

Invited Public Lectures

Harder, William L. 2022. “Roundtable Discussion: Shaping the Future of Interdisciplinary Research” Times of Higher Education. London, UK (virtual). June 21.

Harder, William L. and Jose Sainz. 2022. "Liberal Arts and Sciences in the U.S." USA College Day, US-UK Fulbright Commission. London, UK. September 23.

Harder, William L. 2022. "A Pedagogy of Transparency: a Call for Faculty to always ‘Show Your Work’" The Center for Teaching and Learning at Richmond the American International University in London. London, UK. September 27.

Harder, William L. 2022. "Toward an Inclusive and Anti-racist Research Methods Curriculum" The Center for Teaching and Learning at Richmond the American International University in London. London, UK. September 28.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "Why You Should Read Oscar Fay Adams." Jane Austen Society of North America - Southwest Region (virtual). January 22. 

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "The Artist and the Austen Collector." Jane Austen Society of North America - Michigan region (virtual). February 6.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "Austen's Men and the Arts." Jane Austen Society of North America - Ohio North Coast Region (virtual). June 4.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "The Austen Sisters' Topaz Crosses and Their American Collector, Charles Beecher Hogan. Jane Austen Society of North America - Central Virginia Region (virtual). August 28.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. "A New Jane Austen: How Americans Brought Us the World's Greatest Novelist." Lorraine Hanaway Annual Lecture, Jane Austen Society of North America - Eastern Pennsylvania Region, Philadelphia, PA. September 17.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. “A New Jane Austen.” Dalhousie University English Department Seminar Series. Halifax, NS. October 14.

Wells, Juliette. 2022. “Lady Dalhousie and Jane Austen.” Jane Austen Society of North America – Nova Scotia Region. Halifax, NS. October 15.

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